[ 1.484958 usb 3-5: string descriptor 0 read error: - 22]

Good Day Dear All,

After running Anbox which was installed by this guide "Running Android applications on Arch using anbox" (installed till ) the program once crashed.
screen_1 screen_2
That way Manjaro boot now shown on attached pictures and as really new to Linux user I'm unable to solve this issue.
Thanks for your attention, Lots of useful data stored on the laptop, will appreciate your support.

AFAIK - you have a USB device connected during boot: bluetooth, wifi or probably USB data stick ... Unplug them and do a proper reboot, so the fsck doesn't have to clean orphaned inodes on your install partition.

Hello, I've disconnected even mouse, nothing changed.. thanks for advise

Does the BIOS have a setting to disable integrated bluetooth ? (just to test if all this persists)

Bogdan, not sure.. Maybe any commands from command line available?? 15441690612273807927031682355749

Look, I've disabled 2 devices in BIOS USB Configuration and now boot shows15441692018584291902333124897506
May that annoying Anbox trying to boot against Manjaro? how to boot my keen Manjaro or recover it's last successful condition??

Please go trough the entire BIOS but do not randomly disable things. You can't command line BIOS settings. Make sure you read the description for each tab/entry.
There should be something in the USB Configuration, but probably is just simple as providing Legacy support, or enable USB2 ...
Like you posted in your first screenshot, go to Advanced Options for Manjaro Linux and select a different kernel ... That seems to be installed on sda1

But i see you have another install on sdb1 (a different hdd/partition) the one that is 18.0-rc1 ... Same deal, boot from it or from Advanced Options. One should load you in the full desktop session and then check journal for errors.

Manjaro Linux 18.0-rc1 boot normally but User login password is incorrect and I'm unable to login(used all my available passwords). Version I've used normally before crash is 17.x stable for sure.
So let's try to restore first 17.x and if impossible, how to reset pswd for 18.0-rc1??

Well, first let's make sure that: Is your laptop on battery and has enough juice to it? Connect it to the power cord and try to boot that way!
On the one you call 17.x stable - try to boot using advanced options and chose another kernel, or even the fallback initramfs

On the one called 18.0-rc1 you have to know at least the root password. From TTY log as root and from there you change the password for your user:
passwd decreo
is the command to change it, then you are asked for the root password and then you are asked twice to enter the new password for decreo.

logging from Advanced options (fallback initfamfs) for Manjaro Linux:

That "TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0xb2 (or later)" is the issue

How to do that from grub> ??

Before you boot, while in GRUB Menu you press e to edit for the particular kernel you are loading and modify. But, to install a new microcode you need an active session at least in TTY ...
You told me in PM that you have a Asus n751 but i can't find references on what boot parameters might be needed for that model.
Some need nouveau.modset=0
Others need acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=native
or acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor
while other can't pass GRUB without acpi_osi="!Windows 2012
etc and x combinations ...

I prefer to keep the discussion public so if someone has an idea can join and contribute, and if i made a mistake in my estimation it can be corrected before you mess your system.

Absolutely.. Well - now I'm going step by step through this article Using livecd v17.0.1 (and above) as grub to boot OS with broken bootloader
And probably this will help.. 15441858046735076190056658935807
but freeze on last row and no reaction. I will repeat few steps again and again..
FOR SURE when I will fix this, I'll write good instructions with references and many thanks to Community :grinning: all day I'm lovein Linux)))

Well, there is NO option to recover from this boot error.
So, to install non-free nvidia drivers you will need to solve conflict of
with "video-nvidia".
Attention! Uninstall of "hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee" prior to install "video-nvidia" drivers by Pamac may cause crash on next boot. Follow https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Configure_NVIDIA_(non-free)_settings_and_load_them_on_Startup
Many thanks to https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/u/bogdancovaciu

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