17.0.2 has over 400,000 downloads to date

And anybody can supply figures to suit their argument
Any user can interpret those figures again to suit their argument.

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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

As a former statistician (it came with the job) I can say that numbers do not lie. Interpretation of those numbers is usually the realm of politicians, or so it seems.


Or who are switching to Manjaro as their preferred Linux guest in a VM hosted by their work Windows machine.

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In archeology (at least in Finland) there is a saying "Stones don't lie". Our professor liked to add: "And the reason they don't lie is that they don't say anything."


To be fair: some facts are harder than others.
But then there's spreadsheets and statisticians to soften them up again. :slight_smile:

My favourite stat about linux is still that during the elections of Oct 2014 Linux based views rose above 20% in Uruguay. Quite a lot of parents must have been checking their kids fedora based One-laptop-per-child thingies.



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