17.1.7-rc1 image fails to boot

Thank you! I tried it, but once again I got stuck at “started TLP system startup/shutdown”:cry: without getting to the graphical interface after.
I don´t know how to fix that, but thank you so much.

Try this:

  • login with manjaro user
  • run: systemctl
  • check which services are not running and tell us about it

Is there a way I can copy that screen and save it so I can show you?
There are a few that are in "waiting" state, but the problem happens after trying to turn on lightdm, "lightdm.service loaded failed failed".

You could always take a photo of the screen and upload it.

Hi guys, these are a 2 of the screenshots: IMG_0190
I tried uploading more but the webpage told me the files were too big, so I´ll take more screenshots.

This is what I get with just systemctl:

This is exactly what is happening to me here. I haven’t had time to look into it much yet. Might have another look in an hour or two once I get home.

What happens if you run from TTY startx ?

Isn't that the GUI session? Sorry, newbie here.

Yes that will hopefully start your graphical desktop environment.

If I run startx from TTY I get this:
and if I go back, I go back to this frozen screen:
I have tried the non free drivers too, same results. I think it's weird, I was hoping to install Manjaro, it boots xubuntu, lubuntu or most distributions, since I fell in love with Manjaro I have been trying to get it to boot and install it to no avail.

Try to change the GRUB parameters (press E at the first boot screen).
Go to the line that starts with linux= and change the values of a_driver.modeset=1 to 0. Depending your GPU card(s). What model or GPUs do you have?

If I do lspci | grep VGA I get:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter

Also. if i try to edit, it looks like this:
I tried changing the parameters to 0, but no success.

This does not look like GRUB, so I can't help you.

Maybe @jonathon could, since he is in the x32 business..

Please don't upload any more high-resolution (yet fairly low-quality) photos unless asked to. This thread of 15 posts is already taking up about 8MB of space on the server.

With all sincerity, get a new laptop. This graphics chip is known to be terrible. It's honestly not worth the effort when you can get a refurbished/ex-corporate ThinkPad for somewhere between £25 and £100 depending on age. An X61 or T410 will be inexpensive and work far better than the current machine.

I know this goes against the whole point of manjaro32 but sometimes things are more effort than they're worth.

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