1st preview for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 available for download



Here comes the first testbuild for the upcoming Manjaro-KDE 19.0 edition, sporting @bogdancovaciu's brand new breath2 themes.
This is a minimal build on the testing branch.

Please give it a try and let us hear your feedback! :sunglasses:

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is this or at least the various components going to be push via the testing updates?

The ISO is built against testing branch. So all the packages are available. The new theme packages are:

breath2-icon-themes 1.0-1
breath2-wallpaper 1.0-1
plasma5-themes-breath2 1.0-1
sddm-breath2-theme 1.0-1

enable virtual keyboard in sddm
by editing


just update manjaro-kde-settings package

it should be in [General]


Nice, these are already available on stable as well :+1:

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just took a look at a video for the alpha PLEASE tell me as the build moves along we aren't going to end up with discover as the update / software manager. the only good thing discover has going for it is when it tells you there are updates and you launch it it rechecks to see if there are more updates available.


Looks nice OOTB. Theming & background changes are nicely done. :+1:


@bogdancovaciu The breath2 theme is nice :+1: and loving the splash screen and the wallpaper.


Nuh, discover was just tested at one stage in experimentation with snaps integration.
bauh and pamac(-qt) will server us well in the future.

Thanks. Will do.

Thank you. They were available to install in Unstable as well, so I was able to theme the KDE-Dev ISO.

System Settings > Global Theme (so Icons seemed to come automatically)
Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen
Startup and Shutdown > Splash Screen
Right-click on desktop > Configure Desktop to set the Wallpaper

One complaint: The user icon on the Kicker Application Launcher is no longer the bland circle with a head and shoulders, but instead an ugly square with a green nose.

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I'm looking forward to this one. I'm going to wait for the stable releases, but it sure looks promising.

:+1: :+1: to everyone who is committed to it.

It's looking amazing, but I would change the color of the menu icon, I would put a white Manjaro icon, because I believe it would match better.

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One other note: Is there something subtle that makes the windows decorations just a bit nicer. It is hard to describe, but after I did the above, I still had very KDE-Vanilla decorations.

A breath of fresh air for the KDE edition in term of teaming.

Pun intended.

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The theming looks great! Why isn't it called Manjaro 20.0?

Does it support zstd package installation?

@taotieren . To answer the question you asked in TWO threads, this and the Gnome announcement, yes. They moving over to that standard.

It is bad form to ask the same question in two different threads. Next time, please either ask in one thread or make a new one with your question.


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This ISO allegedly has broken prime support. Because of a missing dependency

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