1st preview for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 available for download

Looks good so far but is there a Breath2 GTK application style package in the works for GTK applications run while using Plasma?

The search box looks a bit odd when the menu is over an application window. Is it possible to make this transparent too or increase menu opacity a bit? Also, while watching the post SDDM splash screen preview, the changing text worked fine. However, when I tried it from a restart on my notebook the manjaro and enjoy the simplicity text just ended up overlapping.


splash screen issue (8 second grab with smartphone) - https://youtu.be/O4M78PJQVz8

I know. We are working on fixing the animation.

for gtk you can still use breath, which should perfectly fit.

About menu opacity I am not so sure. I don't mind the way it is currently. In any case I wouldn't want to make the input field transparent. Maybe the menu a bit more opaque could be an option... @bogdancovaciu , what do you think?

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Thank you. I wonder which aspect of the four theme packages I need to apply to get the version you show back? In the meantime, no worry, as I manually replaced it.

I'm with the other guy as well. I LOVE firefox. I just got rid of Brave as it's a pretty big privacy concern from I've been reading recently. I will definitely take a look at Vivaldi though.

I think by transparent he meant that it would take the same appearance as the rest of the menu, rather than have the different background. I get that the current form gives better contrast, but it sticks out in comparison to the rest of the menu.

Search fields transparent? I don't think so.
@antikythera - From your screenshot that is not the default transparency and blur we use for Breath2 Dark Plasma Style.


Also, consider this:
There are people that use the panel on top as in my screenshot.
Some change the Transparency and Blur or use kvantum for the decoration, so things might not match always within the same desktop; or they don't use blur and/or transparency effects; or they change things as described here

Some use Breath2 Plasma Style for the Panel with the Breath Dark or Breath2 Dark color-scheme.
Any tempering with the search field will affect every particularity of those.

See above why i think is the case from that particular screenshot.
Please let me know if we change it, how will look in this situation?


Edit Update:

This is what can be done maximum, before we fall in a different can of worms

The color can't be changed as is taken from the color-scheme. If changed in the color scheme then other things are influenced. So, the widget needs to be edited. The above is without blur enabled

This is with blur enabled


I can't go on each variation.
If you want to see if makes a difference, for now i have the file here:

After you download it, place it in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath2/widgets/
Remove the cache:
rm ~/.cache/*
Then apply the Plasma Style again.
Sorry for the dodgy upload and the way i provided the file, but now i have other issues to deal with. The edited file has the fill of the color reduced opacity, hence is transparent, but the same widget is used for the light theme, so that transparency will be different visually.


Well that's how it applied itself when I clicked on Breath2 in the Global Theme choice for KDE, I altered nothing regarding transparency and wouldn't have known where to start with that. Therefore I consider it the default even if you don't. Your screenshot looks a lot more like Breath original does on my laptop but the search box is still too dark in my opinion. can you make it match the shade of dark grey used in the virtual desktop pager selection widget on the taskbar for the unselected screen?

I'll certainly try the newer build, thanks for uploading it. Anyhow, I will try and experiment with my laptop and see what I can come up with too should that be not much better as you have pointed out a file to work with now.

Also, if you have been working on the theme while using Kvantum which is not installed as standard, please disable any effects from that temporarily too and check it's not screwing things up elsewhere.

In what way?

I've been using FF again since the Quantum releases started rolling out (v60 or so?), and I've no issue with it.

I've begun trying out Opera on my Win10 work machine and it's pretty nice as well.

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I don't use Kvantum, and there is no point to tweak a Plasma Style with kvantum in mind. Translucency and Blur effects and settings affect a lot the way things look in Plasma, also the separate settings for each of them. Then the Compositor affects that too.

That file is the widget for the search fields and all the text input fields. You have to edit it in text mode and it uses CSS styles, that by default in KDE Plasma are missing, hence the svg file is not respecting the color-scheme in totality, so i had to add them. IF you edit the file in inkscape, things will not go the way you expect :wink:

The default widget for Breath looks like this and has totaly different approach to provide the look of it, different elements and different CSS definitions (they lack to exist) hence will never work with a different color scheme:
The default Breath2 looks like this:
The file i provided has this look. It needs to remain consistent if the color scheme is changed, so the tweaking of it needs to be moderate for a general purpose.

If Breath2 is installed on an older install, i can't predict what settings got touched, what effects are activated, and how the settings for them are on that install.
Also, depending on what is in the background (light or dark), the visual perception of it will be different.


that's fine, I intended to use nano and yes it was applied to a couple of days old clean install of 18.1.5 with testing branch enabled. I'm not trying to be awkward, I just want to help you with feedback and tweaks from my end (if required and possible) within my capabilities to get a uniform appearance if possible for everyone activating that theme whether it's from future manjaro 19/20 or applied to an existing install like a lot of KDE users like myself would want to try too.


Absolutely perfect feedback, no worries. I also hope i don't came across as pretentious in my comments. Trying to make things clear, in few words possible, might give the appearance as if i'm a military type, but the reality is quite the oposite. Never been a good communicator using words, so the narrations of what i write might sound as shouted.

As a side note; a complete theme can be created and each element defined/designed the way we want for KDE Plasma. Is almost limitless, but in order to do that and have a complete different look is better to start from scratch, and that is a huge task.
Whit breath2 the point was to use the defaults, without much intervention, yet distinguishable and also usable in different scenarios. Because one of the scenarios is to have someone with a different visual perception, yet it can't be predicted, today we had this conversation :slight_smile: and so far, i think things got moved forward in a positive way :wink:


i'm sorry but all the fuss over the default theme when i haven't run in to a distro that the default theme must go yet. now to be fair manjaro's is far better that that thing the plasma team calls a theme.

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When I downloaded ver 19 preview, I got stuck on GRUB. Blank screen ant the text GRUB in the top left corner. Nothing was going on. This was on BIOS (no UEFI) and just Intel. Because with all those BIOSes UEFIs, makeinitcpios, GPTs, UUIDs, fstables and god knows what else it just keeps to the KISS principles. Those principles weren't written for nothing.

actually brave is built specially to protect ones privacy, but yes vivaldi is a superior browser to brave or opera. and all 3 beat f'dfox hands down. will not use it as my main browser again till the fix the addons engine they broke. still plenty of addons that have been rewritten to work with the new engine filefox doesn't like to play nice with. like i've said before you do not lose 80% market share in one day for no reason.

The reason being googles anti-competitive practices. They've already been fined for billions by anti-trust agencies, yet they don't care. Same with Microsoft.

Let's be honest here, its advertisement for BAT. Firefox has since fully rebranded itself as a privacy browser (as it always was). Example Example

Criticism of the browser's practices: https://practicaltypography.com/the-cowardice-of-brave.html

Firefox uses the same extension standard as all the other browsers you praised above.


the lineedit certainly looks nicer so thanks for that (with the dark edge and lighter centre it's almost got a 3D feel to it). The transparency and blur still seems completely different on my machines so I'm going to have a play around with the CSS now and will report back

Staying close to stock Breeze is wise practise anyhow as KDE updates tend to break themes that stray too far away from the norm. I really like the revised icon set, they work much better with manjaro colours and the minimalist desktop icon without a defined wallpaper in it is a slicker approach.

EDIT - blur on the menu and notification when an application is open behind is now working. Not sure what changed but I reinstalled the four breath2 packages and then added the lineedit.svg file again. maybe something didn't install properly before but I used pacman the first time and pamac the second. It shouldn't matter. Anyhow, I did the cache clearing again as well. I think it's good to go now but evidently picky as hell about how it's installed to an existing manjaro install unfortunately (The joys of KDE themes, not your fault)


With XRender it actually looks identical to your earlier post about transparency
The opacity difference occurs when OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL 3.1 are enabled but please go ahead and apply the lineedit.svg fix to the theme as it looks so much nicer.

try again. they lost 80% of their userbase the day AFTER they switched their addon engine. they and other can claim what they want, but literally the day after they switched their addon engine there were plenty of articles about them losing 80% of their userbase overnight. as for extension standards that's i think not. i have never run into chrome extensions that fail to work in chromium based browsers, whereas plenty of addons either don't work or have issues in firefox.

I would strongly urge you to do some more research on that. I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, but I definitely disagree with this.

When it comes to privacy, I'll take my chances with FF long before Brave.

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did you checksum the downloaded ISO and how did you write it afterwards?if to USB stick with what program? sounds like a dodgy media or download issue

Have you ever heard of a desktop theme by the name of Breeze AlphaBlack by Zren? It has a widget included that allows you to adjust the color and transparency/blur. You can download it in System Settings/Desktop Themes/Get New Themes. You might want to have a look at it to see if it might be something that will help you.

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