1st preview of Manjaro Gnome is ready


Here comes the first testbuild for the upcoming Manjaro-Gnome 19.0 edition. This is a full build on the testing branch.

Highlights are:

  • needed fixes for VirtualBox support
  • linux 5.4 kernel series
  • Nvidia 440 driver series with Prime-Support
  • Layout Switcher to have Manjaro, Gnome, Classic and Modern
  • Latest theme and many more

Please give it a try and let us hear your feedback! :sunglasses:

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Excellent! Taking a look at it now. Trying it in a VM first and then will try on my Dell XPS 15 9570. Thanks!

Edit: Is this the best place to share my findings or should I be using https://gitlab.manjaro.org?

Man that layout switcher looks like to be inspired from Zorion OS Right?
BTW super cool.

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Inspired yes but write from scratch by @Chrysostomus


Manjaro also needs to fix its issues with Bluetooth connection in my case specifically for 3rd party wireless gaming controllers.

Is this background really necessary? I think a plain background with the same color would be more interesting than an image full of Manjaro icons.



Definitely or some blur like on Windows maybe.

Honestly you can find some people like this and others don t like this. Theming are Always a personal perspective.. @bogdancovaciu Is a your creation do you think? My assumption Is not true ?
In any case we are open to all..


Arch will use the zstd package.
Does Manjaro support zstd package installation?

@taotieren. See my reply to your exact same question in the KDE announcement thread.

What problem do you have? I have a new xbox controller and it works great under Manjaro.

Can you please provide list of packages to install themes, wallpaper and icons from testing repository to have new look?

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Im on the stable gnome variant of Majaro, will this be a automatic update of the gnome branch? or a new branch?
BTW talking about virtualbox, seems to be a theme incompatibility and it causes the background of any SO virtualized to be transparent.

Is like saying that a book with blank pages, no text in it, is more interesting than a book with text that you don't like ... Remove the theme and you will have a plain background.

Considering that, if there must be a graphic, that graphic needs to tile, then be consistent on different screen resolutions. This two things will make any "graphic" have limitations/implications:

  • either becomes really crowded
  • either appears like is a glitch (see the old diagonal lines background used before
  • either is a plain color that will eventually make people cringe that needs more design
  • or on different resolutions will looks small or big and not always in the center of the screen (when forcing a fixed position)

@Ste74 - we can remove the branding.png and replace it with a transparent, slightly textured background, and be done with it. Use only the white branding logo ...

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Please use Virtualbox only in Fullscreen-Mode. It has general issues to show stuff in transparent in Window-Mode.

A short description of what each layout changes would be nice. I noticed when I tried "modern" the side bar in gnome tweaks was missing.

The settings are fairly self-explanatory, but I expected "Manjaro Branding" to be the replacement for manjaro-cleanup, but it didn't seem to give the "vanilla" look, so I'm not too sure what that toggles. (The green accents on the login screen for example)

(Unless there is a description somewhere and I missed it, I used the flashlight on my phone to look for my phone once)

There is no gnome branch. The only branches are stable, testing, and unstable.

I can connect my steelseries stratus duo controller but only through this sc-controller thing I got from aur. If I try to connect my controller using bluetooth settings it won't work because my bluetooth setting keeps turning itself of and on and won't register my controller like it used to.

I have a steam controller too but when i use it there is a ton of stuttering and lag so I don't use it.

Try this it works with xbox controller

create this file /etc/modprobe.d/xbox_bt.conf (the name can be anything)
put there this line options bluetooth disable_ertm=1

If I am remember correctly bluetooth has to be 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2

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