2 monitors DP, 1 TV HDMI -> audio should about HDMI

I don't know if I'm right here.
I have installed a new graphics card (nvidia 1060) and 2 monitors are connected via DP and 1 TV via HDMI.
I need audio via TV / HDMI.
if I start the computer with 1x DP and then connect the TV, I get the sound on TV. now comes the second monitor / DP -> sound stay on TV.
BUT: after a restart, the system loses this setting and the sound comes on the two DP monitors.
Is there a solution for this?
system is currently cinnamon. the problem is also with KDE and XFCE.
Windows had the same problem, but if you plug in the monitors in the order you want, the system remembers the settings and the sound stays with the TV.
Thank you very much!

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