[2019-09-10] Forum server upgrade

It is just over a year since we last upgraded the server's resources and no doubt some of you (you know who you are) have been seeing issues with the forum's performance over recent months.

While these could be temporarily resolved through massaging Discourse and the VM there's only so much you can do when you're facing ever-increasing use of the forum.

As such, Bytemark have once again very kindly increased the specifications of the VM hosting the forum:

Resource From To
vCPU 3 5
Disk 100GB 200GB

This is a significant amount of extra resource and should sate the ravenous hordes keep everything running smoothly for another year assuming the same level of growth.

Unfortunately Discourse have changed their logging and statistics recording so I can't extend the previous charts. However, I'll put together something using what's available once the server has been running a little while with the new configuration. Before-and-after comparisons are always nice. :slight_smile:

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Bytemark really are pretty cool.

Please send them some love.

Seriously: go out and thank them for what they do for the open-source community. For example, post something on one of those "social media" thingies with #manjarolovesbytemark . If you're on this "Twitter" thing then mention @bytemark and they should be able to see your appreciation. :wink:


My twitter is pretty empty, use it just for reading, but anyway just posted a tweet

@ bytemark thanks for supporting Manjaro # manjarolovesbytemark


Well, you're the first so you get a prize.

What would you like? :cake:


wait i'm recalling my facebook password to add hashtag there too, i have around 10 friends there hahah


Seriously I want to experiment with NextCloud, looks like need to check Bytemark site for vps.

well don't use social media like facebook or linkedin, but I guess I could try twitter and rejoin.
Does manjaro have twitter?


You don't need to do that.


as good a time as any, did not have a good enough reason, now a do, and I can follow manjaro news.


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manjaro and bytemark sitting in a tree....


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Non Native English speakers don't get the joke


Awesome, thx @jonathon. (and thanks bytemark :slight_smile: )

Looking at their pricing I'm a bit shocked though.

50 GBP /month for 2 cores / 5gb ram / 25 GB SSD / 10 TB traffic limit

I have one for 18 EUR/m with 8 cores, 16 GB ram / 800 SSD / unlimited traffic

I must be missing something? :thinking:

These prices are more correct in comparison I think:

It's all about quality.

Bytemark's service is higher quality than others and their support response times are incredible (e.g. resolving an issue on a Sunday within an hour).

You can see an example difference between DO and Bytemark in the previous thread. Same server "resources", twice the actual capacity.


I don't have knowledge of hosting providers, but I trust the judgment of the manjaro team.
If I ever need VM for testing will give them a try for sure.

First twitter post in many years, I fully Support Manjaro and the community.



That's what I was comparing with.

That could be indeed. The difference is quite huge though. I never really had to really contact my hoster so far so I can't say much about that.

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nice logo they got there

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That's wonderful news!

Did this take effect already?

Thank you @jonathon and #bytemark for making this happen.

I don't have any social media though. :slightly_frowning_face:


Done :slight_smile:

They are really great :slight_smile:



Although it is not from me :wink: :smiley: ...


and what are you proposing bro ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: wanna do some free logos ? :grin:

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