2020 Redux: Raspberry Pi Zero Support

Hello, I made an account just for this. I use manjaro as my daily driver for both home and work, and wanted to try it on my pi zero. I noticed this thread: 2019 redux: Raspberry Pi Zero support where apparently it is no longer supported. I'd like to take a stab at keeping the support up to date on it, if someone could mentor me a bit on what I would need to do.

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@Strit I wanted to ping you on this because no one responded and I saw you on the original thread. Is someone still wanted to keep arm6 support? I'm interested in learning and doing it. I use manjaro both at work and at home and would love to run it on my pi as well.

I don't know. The Manjaro ARM team is not at least.

To add to Strit's comments I would recommend getting a pi4 or one of the other boards we support for a more pleasurable experience if you are going to use it for a desktop. All of the pi's can have a use. I still maintain a specially patched kernel and image for the pib after @10 years for my friends on a satellite forum that has them. It tune's and streams a satellite stream really well over the lan. But I have no desire or time to maintain a manjaro-arm version. It would be a monumental task. I am happy using the arch image for a base.

I just got done building and installing/testing the latest RPi kernel 5.4.11 for the antique pib today.


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