32-bit install is fried...

Hi all,
I have a 23-bit install on an other box, and it's toast.
Anything I can do to get it flating again?
What info vcan I dig up to get it to run?
I started in mode 3 and in non graphical, I can work, when doing the update proces, there is conflict around PYQT5 (or so)...
Let me know what I need to dig up.
Thankks for a great learning opportunity :slight_smile:Love Manjaro!

But first simply describe what happened and what the current state is in natural language.

Well, I updated, and I think that is where the thing went wrong...
I'm trying to chroot into the system now (fedora 9 XFCE, just to see if there is something left on the drive to salvage)
If you need to, I can provide logs.
When starting up normally (with X) the system tries to boot up, it does stay inthe loop, though...
Normally, I have a pretty good idea what to do, but now, I'm lost...since I doubt if the 23 bit is still there, out there...somewhere...

  • can you boot to TTY? (press e at Grub, then add a 3 to the "linux" line)
  • can you post /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /var/log/pacman.log to a pastebin client? (install pastebinit and run it pastebinit -i <file>)

I can boot the TTY, if I add the option "3" to the command line...
I'll post the log ASAP...but, I'll simply make a pastebin login first...
(thunderstorm commin' over, killin the system now)

pastebinit works from TTY.

It does? Okay, I'll google how to do that, thanks (I LOVE this) you earned a :beer: for this :slight_smile: :kiss:

Hi, I've pasted the log...thanks :slight_smile:


Manjarox32 is no longer mantained by Oberon. Don't install any updates. If you wanna take the risk, perform, previously, a backup with rsync or timeshift, etc...

It's a shame... Manjaro has got the best i3wm configuration I've ever seen... ;).

Best regards.

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I asked for two logs.

whoops...let me co scrape 'em up.
I'll try to make a backup of the stuff on the drive and perhaps dare my life installing FreeBSD... :sparkles:

Yea...shame, still...it's done. 32-bit may not be able to count beyond the clock limits Unix has...

Install archlinux32, but expect things like LibreOffice, Qt5, Chromium, Firefox to break frequently.
The only viable alternative for me would be antiX.
Because FreeBSD is not meant for weak hardware, their users usually boast that they compile everithing from source.

Wikipedia says:

Linux originally used a 64-bit time_t for 64-bit architectures only; the pure 32-bit ABI was not changed due to backward compatibility.[15] Starting with version 5.6, 64-bit time_t is set to be supported on 32-bit architectures, too. This was done primarily for the sake of embedded Linux systems.[16]

and links to this lklm entry: This problem will go away.


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