32bit installer images

I know were can get a 32bit ISO need be Update
If you get it update and run on your system
Please let me know so can get it run on my Computer
Here is a link

Try to explain

The last Manjaro Mate works fine using Jonathon instructions

There are no new 32-bit installer images, however, you can use the 17.0.6 images. The first update should migrate you to manjaro32.

For 17.0.6, go here:


pick the desktop environment, and select the i686 iso.

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How go about update it
Do I use . sudo pacman-mirrors -c all
sudo pacman -Syu ?

There's one way to find out... :wink:

Any update process should pick up the package in the normal way.

I will try it
Thank you

One thing I had to do was remove Firefox so I could update the system
To 17.1.0
It update OK then

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Then you probably chose the KDE edition, which had firefox-kde installed by default, but it has now been replaced by regular firefox in 17.1.

What Kernel will 32bit run when update?

Whichever you're currently running. Have a look at the update announcement thread for more details:

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