4 fingers desktop switch with touchpad broken

Hi everyone,
With the recent update of Manjaro Deepin I have my 4 fingers swipe which breaks from time to time and I have to rely on the keyboard shortcut to perform the same action.
I use this gesture to switch from one desktop to another (swipe left/right) or to show all my windows (swipe up). Any idea how I can debug this?

Thanks a lot!

How to debug:

xinput list
xinput list-props iNumberOfYourDeviceAttainedAbove

And a ton more troubleshooting info here if you have a Synaptics touchpad.


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Thanks for your help :slight_smile: but the commands doesn't seem to work, I don't seem to be using xinput on my system, sorry :frowning: .

By debugging I meant: Being able to see what error pop-up in the log when the 4 fingers swipe stop working. The touchpad still works (2 fingers scroll horizontal/vertical still works), it's really just the workspace switching with the touchpad which is broken.

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