6 reasons people love Arch Linux

Read the following article on itsfoss. While all the points he makes do not apply to Manjaro, many of them do.
6 reasons people love Arch Linux


They kind of do, but above that, i have at least +4 more reasons to Love Manjaro :slight_smile:

Reason #492...

  • Because I can read about it in other Linux distribution forums.

I cracked up.

Remember the feeling when you first installed any Linux distribution even if it was installing Linux Mint?


  1. BTW

  2. I

  3. Use

  4. Arch

  5. Linux

  6. Peasant.


Edit: This is a joke please do not flame this


Like 'I got my wifi working, only took 2 days yay!'.

And of course, you don't get all the bloat that comes with Manjaro :wink:

If you're clever enough, it can be better... but I think it would be more work. I understand why people love Arch, that's why I chose Manjaro to get the benefit with a bit of sauce on top.

I have installed Arch on all my machines...
Because they have the coolest logo!


I'm not.


Ah. I see yet another poster who complains about this madeup concept because they cant manage to use Architect (let alone make their own build and/or install the 'Arch Way' .. even though you could).

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Or use the minimal ISO or just uninstall the stuff you don't want.

I don't really understand when the definition of bloat became, "Any pre-installed packages I don't prefer"


Any of those are all fine.
The point is .. I dont understand people copping arrogance when there are multiple different ways to install or configure manjaro. And I would think that anyone with such an attitude wouldnt find those methods very difficult... but of course then I'd be wrong.

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Remember the feeling when you first installed any Linux distribution ***even if it was installing Linux Mint?

More like when i did my first sudo apt install steam

Oh man,I feel that power! :grin:

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Remember, in Arch, if there’s so much as an extra font installed on the system it’s bloat. No offense Archers. :laughing: :wink:

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I guess if those folks somehow see a calamares install as a requirement (next to their bloatless haxor needs) .. then they could make 'cleanup' or 'uninstall' scripts instead of the traditional 'install' ones.

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why withdraw your 1st post ... very funny :+1: not wrong to have a laugh sometime..

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Must have hit the button by accident on mobile. Fixed!

I like itsfoss. There's a lot of crappy Linux sites out there but foss seems to be one of the better ones.

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Define sarcasm :wink:
There was also the guy who complained that if his updates didn't come through a few days ago, he'd be going back to Arch :crazy_face:

Steam-power is soooo last millennium.


Nerd time! Have you ever researched the Doble Detroit Steam cars? They are marvels of engineering, and quite frankly they were ahead of their time in the 1920s and 30s. Unfortunately the price was also ahead of its time, so they didn’t sell. Still, an impressive vehicle that really showcased that if done right, Steam can be awesome. As long as it doesn’t break the bank.

I’m by no means one of those green thumb people, but I think part of why electric and hydrogen fcv vehicles don’t sell well here in the states is their price. Kinda funny how history repeats itself. Though Tesla is starting to take off, so I digress.

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