A bug with hotkeys

I'm a Mint user (Windows even more) and recently switch to Manjaro.
I'm still trying to convoke with Arch based OS but it's OK.

There is really annoying bug with hotkeys (shortcuts).
I like to switch my keyboard layout with Ctrl + Shift and I figured it out how to set it. Actually it works but this broke some other hotkeys.
Example firefox: Ctrl + Shift + T, this undo last closest tabs and I often use it. But instead to reopen my tab, it just switch my keyboard layout and open a new tab.
Then I noticed that hotkeys are executed on key press instead of release. So, in the moment Manjaro detect Ctrl + Shift it execute it and doesn't care that there is another shortcut Ctrl + Shift + {something else}.
I start to search for a solution and found one.

When I tried to install this it overwrites my xorg-server conf files and after I restart my PC the OS stop loads. And because I'm new linux user and specially arch one I had to reinstall my Manjaro, so I'm scared to install this bugfix again. So, is there any other solution to fix this hotkey bug?

I noticed that this bug is reported many years ago and no core fix yet. Really? Why?


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Have you tried the steps in the first comment of AUR page? 1.20 requires manual intervention.

If you are talking about the last comment, I think its releated for update of the patch. I have no that patch installed at first place. So, no body else suffering from this bug?

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