A new logo for manjaro possible?

Right now it really looks like a box, that's pretty lazy guys. I mean idk heck about logo design but i could draw this in like 30 seconds on inkscape.
It doesn't look cool on fetchers either.
I use a default wallpaper but i'm so not into the logo i edited the picture and changed it.

let see your logo idea :thinking:


I mean ... googles is just a 'G' ..
'Simple' is actually pretty 'fashionable' as far as logos go these days.
But .. what exactly is your criteria of 'cool' ?


I'm really terrible about logo ideas lol.
Something with a shape would be great.
I think Arch linux has a nice one, ubuntu sucks, debian okayish, linux mint outdated, opensuse weird, gentoo absurd, mx linux meh, red hat nice.

i see... :pray:

It just a icon .... what under the engine cover is what counts :facepunch:


I can't really say what is my criteria, but i can tell what is not cool : a box lol.

Actually it's a puzzle for which you don't seem to have the intelligence to figure out

Simple and distinctive.

But if you want to jazz it up, try something that's bright, colourful and not at all boxy....
Disclaimer: This was stolen from CHINA Restaurant and is in no way intended as a comment on the OP's suggestions.

FYI I also love the Linux Mint logo, one of the very best.

Any 'advancement' or 'improvement' made to the logo must be done with extreme subtlety and care, simply changing it is to change the identity of Manjaro.

I did also quite like the 'twin peaks' versions I found here:
However, I actually like the ril logo best.


Manjaro logo is one of the most tidy, OS logos I ever seen, Elementary is also nice, all the other logos also have to be judged from the date that they were done and what was fashion design at that time, Arch somehow reminds me start trek.

Design is not measured by how long it takes but how good the idea is, How does it pass a message, how something creates brand awareness, and sometimes how simple it is just because no ever think about it.

@ben2talk Looking at that red logo better, I don't think it would even not
pass any kind of QA, as it looks like someone's back rear, however we have to take in consideration that in china shapes might have a different meaning and all cultural aspects are also different.


You underestimate the complexity of a clean good looking design. Cloning an existing design is child work.

With the logo contest, I remember how complex it was to invent something original. That's where you distinguish real professionalism. Going from the rectangle form to square was rather genius.


I love the Manjaro logo. Would hate if it changes. And it looks cool on neofetch :smiley:


If anything I might say we should move to a more cohesive color scheme.
Green+dark/grey was one of the first and is still around like on the forum.
But our themes and even a lot of merch and such now uses the teal color instead of green.

(though those mountain M ones were pretty nice I must say)


I like twin snowy mountains too.

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Big fan of the more teal to mint themes and designs here

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Best get started with the new look Forum theme, then a system theme to match :wink:

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Any1 here tried using xfce?
The manjaro logo covers the whole section for whisker icon. As the panel gets smaller so does the lines between logo parts and at some point it literally looks like nothing other than a green box on the corner. It looks ugly, also i wish there were some spacing for the icon, devs just threw in the logo flat as it goes, no spacing so it covers the whole panel bottom to top looking even weirder.

That is what i meant when i said some shape, after all i only see the logo on wallpapers and on launchers, i think launcher compability is the most important because that's the one you see all the time, or you just end up using different like me and one cannot even tell if it's manjaro anymore.

I always edit icons to my liking but even if i added some spacing for manjaro logo that would mean the already thin lines getting even thinner.

@Storm666 Neofetch also suffers this exact same problem, it could look good with some spacing maybe but nay, it covers the whole space for logo and i don't like that.

What some people seem to not get is that you don't have to be an architect yourself to admire great architecture. So those who tell me to build my own logo, i'd rather not have a conversation. I don't like grumpy people.

Well that says it all :brain: a no brainer

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I think this shows you dont understand the difference between a logo and a particular icon/image.

If you issue is with that icon .. then I agree .. I think I remember adding spaced border to it myself in the past. But same goes for many images out there.

Should the XFCE version pay more attention to this? Sure, I think so.
Is it a problem with the design of the logo? Absolutely not.


Want to get a clue? Cause that's EXACTLY what it's suppose to look like. Now use the emoji's to give @ben2talk a kiss for his post.

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