A new video converter: optimizeVideo 🎥

So I have observed that the kind of documents that usually take the greatest amount of space on my computer are videos.

After trying various video converters either they were too slow (Transmageddon) or a little too advanced (ffmpeg). So I decided to code my own simple video converter: optimizeVideo.

optimizeVideo is just a wrapper around ffmpeg, but that saves a lot of guessing. It analyzes the contents of a target video file, and sets the conversion parameters according to Google standards.

My first test on a folder full of videos resulted in going from 240MB to only 40MB, yet both audio and video kept transparency for me and the people that I have showed the results. Here are some screen-shots.

I will consider adding more features to it in the future. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


I was considering building the same on Python and found your package. Great work!

Does it support a recursive scan of the folders?
Will I get a .log file to check what was converted/skipped?

If no target video is entered, the conversion is performed on all the videos of the current dir.

No log is generated, as it's always the above.

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