A simple drop-down memo for KDE users

Sometimes I need to take a note without creating a new file. Unclutte is perfect but there is no app like it on Linux. So I made this.

AUR package name is memo. Use F10 toggle by default.


I'll try it, lookd good!

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PKGBUILD critique:

  • Your package should build from source. If you want to publish a binary release, submit a package called memo-bin.

  • Your _pkgname variable is unused and unnecessary.

  • Use install -D to create the leading directory:

package() {
    cd "$srcdir/$pkgname"
    install -Dm755 "$pkgname" -t "$pkgdir/usr/bin"
    install -Dm644 "$pkgname.desktop" -t "$pkgdir/usr/share/applications"

Might want to think about letting the enduser decide which screen edge to have it pop out from.

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Thanks for your advice. I will fix it later.

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