A warnning when I always excute the update command

Hello everyone,

Since I've updated the version of Bauh to a new version ( 0.9.1-1), I am receiving a warning on the terminal saying " Warning: bauh: local (0.9.1-1) is a newer version than community (0.9.0-1)" when I update through sudo pacman -Syyu

Does anyone know how to update the community to a new version to be equal to bauh's ?

Thank you all


Using the extra u when updating from terminal, like this:
sudo pacman -Syyuu

You can safely ignore the message - it will disappear in time.

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but I'd be downgrading it right ? Is it right to do that since a new version brings you some corrects of bugs or new features ?

Good :slight_smile:

That was your question and I answered to it. Is fine if you have more questions, but i'm sure if you ask for bread and you receive it you don't go then and say: "no thanks, i'll eat pasta because somebody else mentioned it!"

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