A white flash after logon

Hi Everyone,

I am using Manjaro Cinnamon and have this issue for quite some time: a white flash on startup, right after I type my password and press enter. I have dual monitor setup and the white colour flashes on both screens, it takes less than a second and then the desktop shows up. Everything else display wise works correctly.

Any recommendations how to fix it?

The only similar forum thread I could find was the one below, but I consider myself Linux newbie and I do not understand the resolution:

Things I have already tried:

  • different kernels (all LTS kernels)
  • two older nvidia drivers
  • using only 1 monitor

Workaround: closing eyes after pressing enter :sunglasses:

My setup:
Cinnamon 4.6.3
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
nvidia 440.82

More details in my inxi:



Have a look here

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Thanks @bogdancovaciu much appreciated.

This is a nice workaround, it resulted in my desktop icons being disabled but I do not use them any way :slight_smile:


Apparently, nemo is set to show desktop icons and it is drawing it's own desktop to do that. I installed dconf-editor and set the

org > nemo > desktop > show-desktop-icons

key to false. And now, the annoying overlay is gone permanently!

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