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@oberon I tried the adwaita-maia-gtk3 theme on my gnome desktop (3.22) but the green -maia color doesn't completely overrides the blue color of adwaita. There is not also a dark theme. Could you fix it please? Maybe someone else?

@Ste74 maybe you (like the adapta-maia-theme)?

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Seems like a bug in adwaita-maia-gtk3. I don't think I have it on my system though. Need to investigate when I get my grub fixed...


Try the regular adwaita-maia package! I'm not even sure the gtk3 version includes the gnome-shell folder...


Gtk3 version is a stripped version aimed at minimalistic environments. Anyway, I seem to have the same issue with it. I suggest using something else instead, at least until it is fixed.

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I do not know if possible to create a version in light colors so that it can be used in gtk applications in plasma 5?

In any gtk3 theme you can toggle easily between light and dark version of the theme. In KDE you can use lxappearance or bmenu to change this. Or just edit the configuration file. (~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini)

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Hi , i have found the lost blue color .. wait for adjust :wink:


Are you having those nightmares about the next gtk3 update, too, @Ste74? :laughing:


Only the wired ones are not anxious and worried - ever gtk3 update is new thorn in my side :disappointed_relieved:

No .. only follow the right theme :slight_smile:

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I am a gnome user from the first moment - and I have had to move from theme to theme, and it broke my heart every time.
I hope that my frankenstined - elegance color - clone will work a long time and that arc-grey also will...


Or they switched to Plasma.

But hey---trying to calculate GNOME.org's next new foul-up beats boredom! (he said, with tongue-in-cheek)

I feel sad. I really, really like GNOME & GTK in general. But what they've done the past two iterations should be considered a sin-punishable-by-death. :wink:

And that being said, all of their surprises have been easily recoverable either by, A)changing themes (GTK 3.20) or, B)changing back from Wayland to Xorg (GTK 3.22).

BUT--these surprises that seemingly come issued by rota should not be surprises.

Face it, if you're gonna keep sneaking up behind and spooking me, eventually I'm gonna steer away from you--GNOME! :frowning:


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But they promised that they would not break themes anymore. Api has stabilized or something.

Luckily adwaita-maia should be easy to fix even if it breaks, considering the fact that it is just a couple of sed commands on the official theme


What did they do with Wayland? I have gnome installed, but I usually use bspwm, so I miss a lot of things.

I can't find it, I see only adwaita-maia-gtk3.

└──╼ pacman -Ss adwaita-maia
community/adwaita-maia-gtk3 20160505-1 [εγκατεστημένο]
    Adwaita theme with maia colors, gtk3-only version

Try adwaita-manjaro-themes.

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I tried it but is the same with the default gnome adwaita with blue color without green.

Try now :wink: i have correct

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@Ste74 thanks a lot! :smile:
I tried both of them (adwaita-maia and adwaita-manjaro) and are perfect!
The only issue is that chromium and gtk2 apps uses the light version of adwaita-maia instead of the dark one which is enabled on my system.
Could you make and the adwaita-maia for the gnome-shell ?
Are there any differences between adwaita-maia and adwaita-manjaro?

Adwaita-maia-gtk3 was made for bspwm edition, which tried to avoid gtk2. Originally it was just adwaita-manjaro with some additional paint job and gtk2 dependency removed. Then a browser theme for light Firefox was added from another theme (vertex-maia I think). Then Oberon wanted the gtk2 parts to be dropped, because the package itself could not use them anyway. I think it vent somewhat like that.

So it is just a stripped down version of adwaita-manjaro really.

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