About manjaro website and forum development...

I want to know what languages, libs, frameworks and techs were used to code the frontend of these sites.
As a dev i'm amazed how manjaro team managed to develop such beautiful portal and forum, and I wish to reach this skill level someday...

The forum is the opensource Discourse .

Someone else can probably speak better to the website.


Lol man, I'm so innocent...

Just curious, does the forum server run Manjaro?

I dont think so .. manjaro isnt exactly for servers :wink:

Bytemark run you servers with Debian Linux, at least it's what I read.

Edit: Best hosting provider for Kubernetes ... easy!!!

@lucasgta95 Skill level won't matter is about being comfortable with the unknown, if you feel comfortable about not knowing what you doing that is the 1 step for creating something, reading documentation and getting different things working together, usually there is not much planning behind it only getting it done, because is open source and time is short, when working in a commercial environment that will change and you will spend more time planning for the most cost effective solution and will have a team to cover the blank spots, in open source you are the team, no one is there to hold your hand.

My journey started in 1997 working with flash websites, only recently i started to learn JavaScript one of my favourites is https://www.freecodecamp.org/, happy coding.

as for libraries you can just use browser dev tools to check that out.

P.S we accept pull requests.

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