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Unsure where to post? Entirely new to Manjaro? Need step-by-step instructions or a little gentle hand-holding instead of a short answer? If yes to any of these, post here.


New to manjaro trying it out. Need tech help.Installed 16.6 on a Dell M6300 works fine. Add a Dell (1920 x 1200) 2707WFP (VGA) external monitor and best I can do 600x800 or so.
I need 2707 drivers Dell does not support linux for the 2707. Where can I get drivers? Are there generic drivers available?
Works in M’soft environment.
Please advise.
Thx - newbie

Loving my new manjaro on my home desktop. My favourite VOIP/Messenger apps are Signal and Wire. Can't see a way of getting a desktop app. Any ideas? Thanks, Jimsty

@Jimsty open a new topic (just choosing "add a new topic" from the top right of this page) and don't forget to mention info about your system posting the terminal output of:

inxi -Fxzc0

It would be good also to fill the fields of your profile.
Welcome to the best forum in the world. :slight_smile:


Hello from Texas,

I am Texbrew in the Arch Linux forum, and I use some variant of that username in other forums, as well. Briefly, I picked my username because I am from Texas, and I'm a homebrewer (beer, mostly). The brewing hobby doesn't get much play lately, as I have become a full-blown linux geek.

First started using linux in early 2011, almost 6 years ago. used Debian, still do. A little over 2 years ago, I installed Arch Linux in VirtualBox, now have it installed on bare metal on 3 different machines, several VM's and a couple of USB sticks.

On to Manjaro. I watched Spatry's Manjaro Beginner's tour on YouTube (Thanks, Spatry!) and decided I had to have it, so today I installed it in a VM. I could go on and on about how I love the layout. What I'm most impressed with right now; install was easy and fast. Downloading the ISO over torrent took way longer than the install. Another thing really impressed me - I didn't have to fiddle around with Guest Additions! The new install booted into a full screen, and the shared clipboard works right out of the box.


Tonight, I ordered a low end ssd drive from amazon to install Manjaro on. Can hardly wait. I have the same ssd drive in a laptop running Arch, and it's blisteringly fast.

This is not a plug, but the Kingston 120 Gb ssd is $40.99 right now. The same one was $2 cheaper a few months ago.

Lastly, you won't find me on twitter, and though I have a facebook account, I almost never sign in to it.



I'm used to linux but new to arch based distro. I changed the colours of the folders inside the home directory. Can I have a different colour for each folder (one colour for pictures, another different colour for music etc.....) ?:evergreen_tree:
Thanks for your time and patience.

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i don't know make makefiles and i would to learn so i would like someone to point me in the right direction if it is a book or a pdf or i web tutorial something else because i want i in depth tutorial on use extend defintions for example using c++11 or c++14 when it comes to linux.

Newbie to the forum here. I actually wanted to post under Announcements KDE 17 but apparently can't (perhaps because I am forum newbie). Anyway here's my feedback on KDE 17.0

The good:
*I can see a lot of work has been put into this release so thank you to all contributors for your hard work!
*Love the new slideshow in the installer. Looks more like a real presentation rather than just a bunch of info. No problems with fresh install on non-free drivers. Sound, video, internet all work OOTB. Haven't tried printing so IDK.

The bad
*Previously (16.04) Optimus (Intel/NVidia dual graphics) worked OOTB for me. Now it doesn't. I get "Failed to assign any connected display devices to X screen 0.". Sad to see OOTB Optimus/Bumblebee is not working anymore as it can be a right PITA to setup (from trying on other distros).
*SSD support. TRIM is not enabled OOTB. I would have liked to have seen SSD vs HD being detected and appropriate support enabled OOTB. This is a bit of a biggie for me as I do want to make sure I get the best life from my drive. Lucky I found a post from @jsamyth under Announcements KDE 17 stating that TRIM wasn't enabled, otherwise I never would have thought to check it. The instructions were a little incomplete, along with checking fstrim timers as mentioned in jsamyth's post, if you find they are not enabled you will need to do:
sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer
sudo systemctl start fstrim.timer
You can check status by doing:
sudo systemctl status fstrim.timer
It should report something like "Started Discard unused blocks once a week"

Please please please fix these items to make a more newb friendly distro.
Samsung NP550P5C laptop: i7-3610QM, 16Gb RAM, Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb SSD, 2GB nVIDIA GeForce GT650M (Optimus) + Intel HD Graphics 4000

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Helllo everyone! I'm new to Manjaro and Linux itself. Can't wait to start learning something new. Just installed manjaro kde on my Lenovo laptop. Enjoying it! I really want to get into Linux.. There is a lot of places to start learning but I'm wondering if there is a place any of you recommend I should start?


Okay, so I'll introduce myself: brain. It was already taken, so I am now "brain2."
I've used Manjaro before, back before the late unpleasantness surrounding Mandriva. Since then I'lve largely been using Debian-based distros. I got reinsterested because of it's high ranking on distrowatch.com.

I've been using Linux as my primary O.S. since Windows Vista came out. I was beta-tester. I recommended Microsoft not release Vista. Microsoft didn't listen. I was right. Vista wasn't ready. I abandoned Windows, sold all my Microsoft stock, and started using Linux. My biggest mistake was not buying apple, because at that time Microsoft was $35/share, Apple was about $62 & I don't like to buy odd lots. That's before Apple took off like a rocket. I did tell Microsoft that would happen. I didn't appreciate how right I was. I should have taken my own advice by proxy and bought Apple stock

Anyways, I've been using computers for > 40 years. I've been working in the computer industry for about 25 years and I'm a networking professional now.

I have two Newbie questions.

  1. Is it my imagination, or is Manjaro signficiantly faster than other common distributions, like Mint or Ubuntu? It feels fast, but maybe it's just excitement from trying a new Distro.
  2. Where are all the applications? I'm used to seeing > 50,000 available apps, & sometimes > 80,0000. I know some aren't "apps" per se (like libraries), but when I searched for a few apps I use regularly, like FSLint, Dupeguru, BUM, etc. Nothing came up out of the > 10,000 apps listed. Are these simply not available, and if not why & when? Am I supposed to compile apps myself? Is that the standard way with Pacman, or am I just SO NEW I didn't know you were supposed to type a * as a wildcard, rather than apt's ability to match on partial names. I typed in "fslint." I don't think there's another name. Hopefully app search isn't case sensitive, because I don't know what the author thinks is the right name: "fslint," "Fslint," "FSlint," "FSLint," or "FSLINT." If Pacman is case sensitive, we're going to be in for a long night trying to guess every possible iteration of every package I'm looking for.

Manjaro looks REALLY good out of the box. Manajaro managed to develop & provide an O.S. with some basic things fixed that the leading distros just leave broken, leaving it to the user to fix them. Have you tried the Kubuntu? I want to like it, but it keeps crashing, nothing is configured correctly, basic functions don't exist or are misconfigured, pieces don't operate together, etc. Even Ubuntu store won't work out-of-the-box. I have to fix it to make it work, and I'm just not going to bother. I'll put in effort when it makes sense, but when it's something as basic as making your own stuff work with your own stuff, just for humanity's sake, if not the marketing benefit, and I'M tasked with repairing you're laziness, no kiss goodnight, and a 2nd date is probably out of the picture. With Ubuntu's track record of spying on it's users, I need to be sold, and I ain't sold.

So far, with the potentially major hiccup of app availability, Manjaro is "selling" me.

That's all for now. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Enjoy. If you're used to Windows, some things are going to feel majorly wrong/different. The few things I wish somebody would have told me is:

  1. Files have security attributes. These security attributes exist for both the user themselves, & for the "group" they're a member of. Names can be used to identify members (their user name) or the group, but sometimes groups (and users) are just represented by a number. I won't get into detail there, but suffice to say each file has this security & it governs if you can read it, write to it, execute it, or some combination of the above.
  2. Programs live in "/bin," "/sbin," "/user/bin," "/user/sbin," & /user/share/applications." Configuration files live mostly in /etc." "/" BTW means the "root," or for Windows users "C:/."
  3. Linux likes to think of everything as text files, so even configuration files are just plain text files that you can edit directly if you choose to. It also helps to know what you're doing, but who really does know what they're doing? I mean really KNOW.
  4. Linux works on a building-block construct. Lots of little pieces stuck together to make the whole O.S. work, almost legos to build a toy house. Linux isn't some massive monolithic binary, but more like a bunch of little binaries stacked on top of one another. For new people this is a curse. For experienced users, this is a blessing, because you can then mess around with just about any part of the O.S. you wan't. Don't need bluetooth? Why run it. You can just edit out it's loading and say "hello" to a faster, more flexible system.
  5. The command prompt is not only your friend, it's one of your most powerful tools. After a while the GUI starts to get in the way and it's easier to add a program by typing some memorized commands than by clicking through all sorts of dialog boxes, menus, sub-trees, etc. This isn't ALWAYS the case, but it is frequently. Given my background with punch-cards & terminals in the 1970's, you'd think I'd love the command prompt, but I was one of the early adopters & programmers of HTML, even though I'd been using UNIX & had an Internet account for years long before HTML was even developed. I still mostly like GUIs, but my friend from the old days, the command prompt, still likes my attention.
  6. The computing world is REALLY built on Linux. All those Windows boxes are largely just steering wheels. Main-frames are gone. Where Linux has solid domination, Microsoft is struggling fruitlessly to gain market-share for all those Web servers, and all those routers & switches between you and the server. Android is based on Linux, MacOS is built on BSD, which stems from real UNIX, Cisco's IOS is UNIX-like, Juniper hardware runs on the Linux O.S. Linux has totally dominated the Server, Networking, & infrastructure markets. Computer companies that used to write a proprietary O.S. to run their communications-server now just write code that runs on Linux.
  7. You don't need anti-virus, because Linux doesn't like to kiss and tell. Unlike the cold-sore infected Windows machine, Linux wears protective lip gloss. Can Linux be compromised? Of course, but it's nature is not to be for a multiplicity of reasons, and so it largely isn't. Most successful Linux hacks are password guesses aimed at the "administration" account, called the "root" account.



New to manjaro, i like it. But atm i need to get windows back and don't know how to do it. Tried different iso to usb softwares, formated usb to ntfs/fat32 and still cannot boot into windows 10 installation. Can anybody help me out? I did set usb to be first boot device in bios but still no luck.

Hi yall,
I have been running Mint, very user friendly for lazy people (like me). I can muddle my way through apt-get but this Manjaro is totally different.
So far I like what I see but I got some learning to do, don't know the first thing about aur, yaourt, pacman, could you point me to some good articles that might help catch me up to speed?

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