Access Samba share from windows 7

I have a problem since stable update 2020-05-08 or 2020-05-11 (I updated the two together).

Before the update I was able to access a samba share on my Manjaro from my Windows 7, with full permissions to do everything (read/write/create/delete).

After the update, I can still see the share and all files, but can't write to it or copy from it (from Windows 7)

The specific share is mapped to K in windows.

I get this error:

K:\ is not accessible.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

I tried to boot both machines, just in case.
I searched and tried the suggestions on Arch thread "Cannot access samba shares since update to samba 4.11.3-3":

Add to smb.conf:

client min protocol = CORE
server min protocol = CORE

I tried to downgrade to 4.11.7-1 which worked before the upgrade

But nothing works.

Can someone help?

Upstream Samba has disabled the older SMB1 because it is totally insecure - and has been depreated for the past decade - so it was about time.

Just read up on WannaCry Ransomware - with exploits the SMB1 protocol.



If your Windows system is not updated - you may need to use


Samba cross platform network shares is a pain - that is how it is.

Looks like the same Problem I had too, but @philm post a Solution that worked:


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Phil's solution solved my problem.
Thanks @DK3 , @philm

Please! I have this exact problem and I've spent days searching for a solution. But I'm a noob. Could you please give a few clues as to how to implement this solution? I'm running on an ARM processor.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully waiting.


A Manjaro Developer must Rebuilt the ARM Packages "samba" and "smbclient" with reverting the patch.


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