Accidental mistake

Can you log in as root on TTY4 and try again?

Still login incorrect

You could boot a live iso and check that file. From there you can also reinstall the packages you accidentally uninstalled and if needed, set your passwords back.

Possibly your keyboard layout might be set to en_US.

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Well I can type my password into the tty4 with the right keys

Inwill do this when I get home

This is analogous to removing the transmission from your vehicle, then wondering why it won't drive.


So how should I start repairing the system with the live image? Does sudo pacman -Syu do the job?

Persistent help vampire. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn something,.

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I hope I am not bothering too much. I didnt even know help vampire is a thing, until I googled it.

You cannot/should not drive a car without some study and training, which will give you a license.

You have to study the basics:
Manjaro User Guide
Forum FAQ
Call @discobot

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Asenna uudestaan. Älä enää poista tai asenna vastoin tietojasi.

So this isnt possible? Or are you just not going to answer because I havent read the manual?

By the number of replies users want to help but just not wanting to help them to help you is not going any where soon. simple research will tell you how to use the live image to chroot and the passwords to use, is that to much to ask of you, to help others to help yourself. this is a user forum they are not obliged to help you so please show respect.


You are right, and I already found the answer before you posted. Still lot to repair but I guess I'll find the answers myself from this point.

see above the wgetpaste thing


No need, I'll get along myself from now on. Thank you for your help.

I hope i did not sound hard on you I just had to reply after reading this. good luck just remember users are here to help you just help them.

I do not agree with this type of attitude it is not called for Manjaro describes itself as a newbie friendly distro, and now is promoting a very unfriendly forum by this type of user comment please think before making this type of comment, We were all once new users all panicked with no clue till we took advice please.

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I see! But it will be easy to reinstall.

No, I didn't answer because I just came from work and was playing with my kids. These forums are often pretty fast, but they are still forums, having a response time of a day or two is normal.

But anyway, boot live iso, run manjaro-chroot -a and then you can run commands as if you had logged in as root on your broken system. But you probably already found that from the linked wikis...

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