Account suspended until 23 August 2020: Hell vampirism

If possible can I have an explanation as to why I'm banned?
And what the actual hell, hell vampirism means?
Edit: Banned account is woistmeinauto.

You've run out of help credit.

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I'm not a vampire though. I only deleted my posts as to not cause any confusion because the problem turned out to be completely irrelevant to manjaro.
That's not really fair.

And I just broke my installation, guess I'll have to reinstall completely.

Anyway, thanks for the information.

I found why i was banned.

I deleted every folder that has name grub in it and that crippled my installation.
I did it because of a syntax error from grub.d content, i thought i would be ok if i just reinstalled grub.

So i think a mod deleted my topic for asking the obvious but i wasn't, the wiki did not work me, i was not looking to restore bootloader, i was looking for some sort of repair install because nothing from wiki worked out for me.

Because any search related to grub ends up giving you restoring bootloader commands i could not find anything regarding it so i thought it would be ok to ask.

Maybe it was my mistake badly wording it, only after trying all options including alternative method from wiki i asked for help.
Apparently a mod thought my problem is just restoring grub and banned me.

I'll restore your account later. But only because you realised that the forum doesn't have unlimited help resources.

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