Add Avro phonetic/OpenBangla input method in keyboard layout

I'm a native Bangle speaker and like me many prefers and uses Avro phonetic or OpenBangla keyboard input for typing in Bangla. The problem is it relies on ibus-input method and has trouble integrating with KDE desktop environment as well as wine. However the system provided 2 keyboard (default, Probhat) layout has no issue at all, integrating with wine and KDE.


That's why I request the developers to consider adding Avro phonetic or OpenBangla input method in keyboard layout. So that we can use it without the help of Ibus-input. This will surely benefit many users who frequently types things in Bangla.

Here are the Git links for Avro Phonetic and OpenBangla Keyboard

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Both appear to be in the AUR.

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yeah but it uses Ibus-input method, so have trouble integrating with KDE and wine.

That’s because they need ibus to function. You should have a talk to the developers of the applications.

On the git pages of both applications it clearly states ibus is needed for them.


Thank you for your replay. I had contacted with the developers and they said, it wont work on wine properly. But as I can see the system provided Bangla input method works flawlessly, in KDE and wine so I thought if Avro or OpenBangla keyboard is available in system provided Bangla input method they will integrate better in KDE and wine applications.

There is an easy way in Manjaro KDE Linux to type Bangla using Bijoy Unijoy Avro phenetic etc. Go to ADD OR REMOVE SOFTWARE app. Then search for IBUS PREFERENCES. Install it. Then search for MANJARO-ASIAN-INPUT-SUPPORT-IBUS
Here after you have done, restart or login again. Then in the menu find IBUS PREFERENCES. Open it.Add INPUT METHOD. Find Bangla there. In Bangla u will find BANGLA-ITRANS (it's like avro phonetic) and UNIJOY (it's like bijoy). Add the one u like.
Then you can install Avro or Openbangla if you wish... First enable AUR support (Add or remove software>Preferences>AUR) and install ibus-avro-git or Openbangla-keyboard-bin whichever you need.(I switched to open bangla from avro :smile:) Then add Avro like the above ones. If you don't want to use AUR, Go to avro website. Select ibus-avro from download section. There you'll find an option for "view source on GitHub" click there.
Then find the (like this maybe) file. Read it. Follow the processes properly.

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