Add mhwd-kernel on pi4 headless installation.

I installed Manjaro on my Pi4 using the manjaro-arm-installer.
Now I want to change my Kernel with the mhwd-kernel command, but it's missing.
The search in the repos only gave me an AMD variant of mhwd.

Thank you for your help.

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mhwd-kernel is not supported in Manjaro ARM and with the way our kernels work, it won't.

In ARM the bootloader does not support kernel selection (yet), so it does not make sense to support installing multiple kernels. But you can switch the kernel, by just simply installing the new kernel. You will then be asked if you want to replace. Just say yes to this.
Be aware, that the Raspberry Pi will only boot on one of the linux-rpi4 kernels.

Thank you @Strit for the info :slight_smile:
Maybe it's worth a hint on the manjaro wiki.

The wiki doesn't really address Manjaro-ARM at all. It would either need to be overhauled to contemplate ARM specific considerations or have a separate Wiki created for ARM.

Yeah. We would need a section of the Wiki to be just about the ARM branch.

I'm not really a "wizard" with Wiki stuff, so I don't think I would be able to create it really. I can probably modify the into in it when it's needed, but setting it up is not something I feel comfortable doing.

Just an FYI:

With the pi4 you can have multiple kernels on your system at the same time but it takes some time to set it up and much easier to do as @Strit says and install a kernel you want to test from the repo.

You can though download the different kernel packages and extract the kernel and it's module tree:

Put the kernel in /boot with a different name and put the module tree under /usr/lib/modules/. Rem out this line in /boot/config.txt (It is not needed anyway):

# initramfs initramfs-linux.img followkernel

Then add theses lines to /boot/config.txt conforming to what you named the new kernels you added to /boot. Then un-comment only which kernel you want to boot then reboot. An example:

# kernel=kernel8-419.img
# kernel=kernel8-next.img
# kernel=kernel8-mainline.img

As you can see; a lot of trouble to set up but some people do it.

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