Add "unijoy" keyboard layout variant for Bangla

Unijoy is a popular keyboard layout to Bangla typers. But there is only "default" and "probhat" variants for "bangla" layouts. Please consider adding this layout there. It is also known as "bijoy keyboard layout"
Or i have to say one more IMPORTANT thing the "default" variant is almost simillar to the "unijoy" keyboard layout except two or three keys. Is it by mistake? or not?
If it is by mistake, please edit the layout and make it correct.
This is the correct unijoy layout which is the keyboards in bangladesh. And this is the layout.

and this is the "default" variant in the system:
only two or three keys mismatch.

Manjaro is not making the layouts.
Please take a look at

Consider reading this

with the corresponding package in AUR here

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