administrator password does not work

By testing different manjaro desktop environments in virtualbox I realized that the password for the administrator is the same as for user 1.

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choose a password to keep your account safe: 12
choose a password for the administrator account: 89

typing in the terminal sudo su
supported password is 12
shouldn't it be 89 instead?

which leads me to think that the option:
use the same password for the administrator account
It is enabled by default even if we do not check it.

-Why does this happen?
-is this normal?
-If it is not normal, is there a way to correct it?
-If this is normal behavior, how can we assign a password for user 1 and a different one for the administrator after installation?

No. sudo uses your normal account password, not the root password.

If you typed, su instead of sudo su it would ask for the root password.

The original point of sudo was that in a multi-user system you could delegate rights without sharing the root password. As far as I know, OpenSuse/SLES are the only distros which use the root password for sudo.


Sudo is intended to allow a USER to gain elevated functions without revealing the Administrator's credentials.

For home computing, I just make the two match - but I certainly wouldn't use a 2 digit code for either.

I just checked ...
Thank you very much for the information, I just wanted to check its function and so I might want to give it a use in the future.

I totally agree with you that is why I prefer 3 digit passwords for more security XD
just kidding...
but for experimentation stages within virtualbox I prefer short passwords to save time.

on the other hand thanks for the advice on the number of digits.

It is true that if you start storing important data for domestic or business use, the password is one of the main shields.

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