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Hello everyone,

I currently use windows 7. Planning to switch to manjaro. My daily usage will be steam games (mainly dota 2), some python and c++ learning, spreadsheets and browser.
I prefer a lightweight de. Should i go for kde (i heard that it is light from 5.17) or mate 1.24?
I saw a post on ram comparison in this forum, but I want to know if mate will be light even when i am using applications and if the gaming performance will be same. ( GPU: AMD RX 550)

And also pls advise whether I should look for wms like i3 with the above objectives

Edit: Is there is a simple way of removing and installing de (with manjaro customisation ofcourse)

You need to try them, some prefer KDE other Gnome someone else uses xfce4. Most big distros use Gnome as default most popular is very likely KDE due to its endless customization. I prefer Gnome it is clean and intuitive, KDE looks best on the screenshots.
Welcome to Manjaro, are you ready to update whole system every two weeks?

It's best if you just installed each one and tested them out in a VM and see which ones you like better. It's hard to give suggestions for DEs or WMs because everyone likes very different things.

I personally love using KDE for my desktop, but I love Openbox for my laptop.

I game on KDE. Drives a 144hz monitor at 1920x1080 with a Vega 56. Nice and smooth.

Honestly, I think most DEs and WMs will get you good performance, so choose a DE/WM based on what you want from your environment and have fun. :grin:

At the end you will end up playing with linux so be prepared to spend less time in games :slight_smile: linux has too many options to play with.

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I have used both mate with ubuntu 18.04 and kde 5.12 btw. I'm not aware of gaming performamce and latest versions of these DEs. My choice of liking will not differ.( Only thing is I dont get icons only task manager in mate, but there is dock)

I suggest you first install virtualbox for Windows and then test the various Manjaro ISO images. This will give you a first hand impression of the different GUIs.

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You can install more DE
Mix two DE under one account you will not have the best experience (and you can have just one manajro-settings ie for gnome or kde or xfce) because it slightly break visual experience. I have Gnome and KDE on one machine both run very well but after each session and theme settings to my taste I need to fix the new one, it mixes theme setings.
The best way is to create a new user for each DE and then decide what de what you will use and simple delete the other users.
BTW check the manjaro wiki it is well written for average user, for advanced user check arch wiki.

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btw this link has "Download minimal" button. Will i get openbox inside?

I guess yes I have no experience with these kind of desktop did not have patience for learning.

hope so

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