After a certain update (possibly Discord) now entering a voice call gives a system wide sound input/output lag


After a certain update, not sure if a Discord one or a system update, whenever either on my husband's or on my pc, entering a voice call provokes all the system wide sound input/output lag for 3-4 seconds.

For example, I can enter in a voice call, and I will hear everyone really late, and they will hear me really late, but not only that, if I play music on the background, play a video in my browser, or play a game, those sound outputs also lag for 3-4 seconds. It all gets fixed when I leave the voice call. Therefore I'm asking for help here, thanks for your time.

Me too :slight_smile:

Show history from pamac.

Post output from

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

Do you search/ask in discord forum/web/github/gitlab for issues?

Pamac history:

Output from inxi -Fxxxza --no-host :

I tried asking in Discord but with no luck.

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