after big update "repeat rate" goes crazy and can't be fixed

I am on Manjaro Cinnamon 20.02 since April. This is the second time in a few months that I have a very nasty bug after a big update: the "auto repeat delay" and, especially, the "repeat rate" go crazy and I can't find a way to fix them (the values that I set are simply ignored).
In particular, as I press the backspace to cancel a bunch of characters, a full line of text (and possibly more) gets cancelled, making extremely frustrating to use the keyboard, as a matter of fact.
I always keep my system very much up-to-date. The other day, a huge update was available, and after that I started experiencing this absolutely frustrating bug. The very same thing happened after the last big update (a couple of months ago or so) and I had to live with that issue for a few long weeks (I can't remember when and how the bug disappeared).
This bug is so frustrating and disturbing that if I can't find the way to solve it, I will have to switch to a more reliable system - which I really want to avoid.
Any idea about how to solve this issue? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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