After customizing panel, Manjaro won't boot any more

Searching Manjaro forum for instances where someone else had same or similar problem I found this:

You haven't done it properly. Start over. Either use sudo mhwd-chroot as explained in the section Use mhwd-chroot or follow the tutorial entitled Manually Identify and Prepare the Installed Partition(s) - stop at the end of this section.

Then update the entire system: pacman -Syu

Finally, exit the chroot environment and reboot.

Looks like using mhwd-chroot got past that error! Had to install yaourt first to get it but it seems to be proceeding with the install now.

That did it! After using mhwd-chroot (thanks to @AlManja) I then was able to finish following @Chrysostomus solution and upon restarting everything is working fine now! Appreciate the help from everyone! @cimarronline, @AlManja, @jsamyth, @Chrysostomus

I'm glad it worked for you! :slight_smile:

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