After game install, no display when logging in via KDE Plasma

Hi all, I'm a short-time Manjaro user (a few months). I have been using kernel 5.6.16-1, and I use KDE Plasma as my typical desktop environment. This is my first experience with Linux. I've taken one course on Linux essentials but I don't have much depth of experience or knowledge.

I recently started experiencing a display problem. After installing a game using Steam and starting that game, my secondary monitor went out and said it was not receiving signal. I went into Display settings and found that only the primary monitor was registering at all. Upon restart, both monitors work and I get a login screen. After typing the password and hitting enter, the secondary monitor goes blank (no signal), and the primary monitor goes black and irregularly flickers. It appears to still be receiving some kind of input.

I dual-boot Windows 10, which has run fine for a few months. I booted into Windows and both monitors worked without issue.

I booted and selected the GNOME DE instead of Plasma. It booted just fine, and both monitors worked as normal. I took that opportunity to uninstall the game in question (Jackbox, which has SteamOS + Linux support).

I booted using an earlier Kernel (5.4.44-1) and Plasma and I was able to log in, and my primary monitor works normally, but my secondary monitor is not receiving signal. I tried to boot using 5.6.16-2, and got a repeat of the same display problem (primary monitor flickering black, secondary monitor no signal).

Also since this began, my USB devices seem to periodically disconnect. When I unplug and re-plug them in, they do not connect. I can only hard restart at this point. Not sure if this is a related issue, but it did start at the same time.

I'm beyond my depth with how to resolve this. I don't know if the game is the true cause or if something else is really the issue. I have no other software or hardware changes recently, so that's what leads me to think it was game related. I'm not sure how else to go about rolling things back to return to using my preferred desktop environment. Any help you can give, in as much detail as possible, will be appreciated. I apologize if my terminology is off, and I am glad to provide other information as necessary.

Here is my inxi (using 5.4.44-1 currently to type this):

edit: updated the inxi -Fxcz0 output to the link above
edit2: Changing to Newbie Corner to see if that's a more appropriate location for this.

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