After Grub boot menu: Oh, no! Something has gone wrong.

After the last GNOME update, I get past the normal grub boot manager, but before the login page is shown, the screen shows the message "Oh, no! Something has gone wrong." The good news is that I am able to get the CLI, and it seems to work as normal. How can I get the GNOME desktop back?

install mc locate to /home/NAME/.local/share/gnome-shell and delete extension folder
or use rm -rf for that folder

mc is already installed. But there is no folder named gnome-shell under /home/NAME/.local/share.

Then you are not using Gnome :slight_smile:

I did certainly have Gnome as my Manjaro version, but something went wrong after my last update of almost 200 packages.

This error usually happens when some not updated extensions were installed. Most of the Gnome extensions do not work with latest Gnome, it is better now, maybe. You can relocate dconf Gnome should create a new one.

So what is the command to use?

In your Home folder are all the settings what you and programs make. In Mx find dconf and move it somewhere else for example to Downloads.

There is a folder dconf under /home/NAME/.config/ Is this the folder I should move?

Yes it should be file not folder. Move it somewhere else as I said Downloads or Documents. dconf stores Gnome settings.

Well, there are two files named dconf, one in /usr/bin
and another in /usr/share/bash-completion/completions
There is no dconf file under /home/NAME
Is it any of the two mentioned files that I should move?

Since I could not get back the desktop, I went with a complete reinstall of Gnome O.S.

This response is a bit after the fact, but I had a similar error when I did the upgrade to 19.0 and Gnome. had I read the release announcement, I would have known not to attempt that upgrade from the GUI. I resolved my issue using a process from the Linux Tips & Tricks page that basically did a force reinstall of all my packages. If you are curious, you can get to the details from this post.... [Stable Update] 2020-03-28 - Kernels, Gnome 3.36.1, Browsers, AMDVLK, UKUI, Calamares

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