After installation, booting returns to BIOS screen

The installation of Manjaro xfce-17.1.11-stable-x86_64 seems to have been fine, but after installation, the system does not start, it always returns to the bios screen.

My disk is a NVMe PCI-E Samsung EVO 960 SSD of 500Gb

My RAM is: Kingston HyperX Impact 32 GB 2x16 GB, 2133 MHz, DDR4 CL13 SODIMM, 1.2V, 260-pin

I made a fat32 GPT partition of 1Gb for boot / efi
The second partition is: ext4 of 400Gb with root directory in /

My Bios is configured in UEFI mode with secure boot DISABLED

I'm new to Linux Manjaro, I've been looking for information on the Internet for 2 days and I can not solve the problem. I do not receive any error message, simply by turning on the PC or restarting it, the blue screen of the bios appears.

Thank you very much for any help and advice

Have you tried to flag the boot partition to esp?

When you boot with live USB (your installation media), can you select to boot or to find installed systems?

Start the computer with the LiveUSB - Stick
Start gparted, start the app.
Select your boot partition and set the flags as in the example

Nummer  Anfang  Ende    Größe   Dateisystem     Name            Flags
 1      1049kB  4296MB  4295MB  fat32           boot_uefi_bios  boot, legacy_boot, esp

Read this.

You need the $esp to be on the nvme device. Not a new one.

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