After Latest Stable Update, notifications are "slow" and has an annoying sound

Been using Manjaro for a while.
After the latest update the notifications from dimming the display and changing the volume has become very slow in reacting. I can't describe it better than that. If I click three times on the volume UP, it shows a notification, and plays a really - REALLY - annoying sound, and repeats this two times since I clicked three times, but that's like 5 seconds after the fact.

Before the update the icon in the notification itself was better AND the notifications were there exactly when it happened, no lag, and NO sound.

It's probably me not knowing my way around the system, but if someone could offer any help in making it the way it was before the update, I'd be very very happy.

Using Manjaro Stable, XFCE just plain vanilla install.

Let me know if you want any journal transcripts or whatever. Thanks again.

EDIT The whole thing has made changing volume very sluggish. So it's not just an annoying sound problem, it's somehow a lot more sluggish as well. Seems weird, I know, but that's the way it is.

Its called "volume feedback" (in KDE) and it does slow things down because it has to fetch and play that sound. On a slow machine that can take a while.

Its something you can turn off, but I can't tell you where because I I don't run XFCE. Dig around in there any you will probably find something.

There was a volume feedback already before, but it was a little "schuck" sound, or like a small beep but more sounding like "schuk", and it was very fast.

I'm on a core i7, 5th generation model so it's not that slow.

@acutbal was talking about sluggishness in xfce post-update too, he switched to compiz temporarily and claimed it was better. Do try compiz once.

If you completely disable the notification pop-ups, is the sluggishness noticeable ?

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