after reading articles, I am completely frustrated by GRUB2..

Hello,everyone. I have an efi dual-boot of windows 8 and manjaro in my SSD, and one day I want to replace the Windows with Ubuntu 18.04, so I deleted the partitions of MSR, NTFS, etc., installed Ubuntu to the new allocated space, and choose to let GRUB overwrite the EFI partition with new configs produced by ubuntu installation wizard. However, after restart, now I can no longer boot my manjaro(though the menu has its entry still).
It says
"error: file `/boot/vmlinuz-4.19-x86_64' not found.
error: you need to load the kernels first."

after reading some articles, I think I am completely frustrated about how the system goes.....
I have a few questions , and hoping you can help me to solve them as more as possible...

  1. in UEFI-based computers,does UEFI finds the ESP partition of any media and attempts to run the binary files inside the ESP partition(if any)? If so, which specific binary file will it execute?
  2. in MBR+BIOS age we have something called partition flags. Do we still need them at all in GPT+UEFI age?
  3. where is the GRUB2 binary located (in ESP, in system disk)and how can it be found by the UEFI bootloader?
  4. is it necessary to manually divide the system installation partition with the ESP partition? if so, why?

And I would also like to know what is the cause of my problem and how shall I fix it.
Thanks! smile

Ubuntu grub dos not find Manjaro, like win :wink: .
Manjaro grub find everything :smiley:
Search this forum with @gohlip and grub, the solution is near :slight_smile: .

It's all his ^^^ fault. :smile:



Good for future knowledge:
Not all Grubs works with Arch and Arch-based distros, but all Arch-based grubs work with all other kinds.
In short, always let Manjaro, or Arch handle the Grub-ing when multibooting with anything.

Use this.

Are you sure all OS's are in uefi?

Really, its all Manjaro's fault.
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If you say @gohlip three times in a mirror.....

This wizard will appear and zap you in the butt! :laughing:


This wizard will appear and zap you in the GRUB! <-fixed :white_check_mark:


"A wizard did it!"

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btw just used this again Like magic. Thanks.

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