After startup always two open terminals

Hey there,
I'm new to Manjaro, coming from Ubuntu.
Today I setup my new system and one thing I can't get rid of are two terminal windows that are open, when I log in for the first time after boot. One with pwd ~ and one with pwd /etc/.
As far as I can tell I have nothing in my autostart and I'm really confused where this is coming from.

My guess is it's some bug after I removed yakuake? I think I only had one open terminal on boot before I removed it and now there are two, no guarantee tho.

Any ideas on this?

Greetings Daniel

termials_after_initial_login !

I couldn't find a way to edit my initial post, so here as a reply a screenshot.

Check your startup applications.

I'm not sure why a 1MB high-resolution screenshot of two terminal windows describes the issue better than saying you have two terminal windows.

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Is there something other than this?

Change your session settings:


Yep, this did the trick. Thanks a lot. closed.

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