After suspend the lock screen will not let me login with correct password

Installed fresh manjaro KDE yesterday. Only patch it asked me to do was to download new kernel (5.0.1-1-manjaro).
Locked laptop, closed lid (suspends system), came back today, opened screen, it asked for password, it did not work anymore after like 10 tries… even clicked the eye to see the password I typed in, was correct one. Did hard reboot and then the same password worked perfectly again.

Just locking and unlocking by entering password works correctly.


Much better with your own topic :slight_smile:
There is an arch wiki for your Lenovo model, and offered a fix for resume from suspend

It is unclear if you installed the system in UEFI mode or MBR (legacy mode), but you should be safe (since you can boot in the system) to do the recommended part regarding the resume part.

Note: those commands need to be done from terminal as root.

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