After update - black screen

I installed Manjaro deepin , manjaro-deepin-17.0.5-stable-i686.iso , fresh install and then upgraded . After that rebooted and after graphical login black screen appeared.
I can go to ctrl+alt+F2 and login in terminal. Please help.


Unfortunately, there is very little information to use. Maybe it's a problem with the graphics drivers.

Can you try this (but with the free driver insted of the nonfree):

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When you login via ctl-alt-f2 try starting the xsession with startx and see if it starts.

Already tried that ,removed graphics driver and installed it again . I have nouveau driver. With nomedeset option i only got blinking cursor.

anika200, I think that xsession starts and works but without backlight because I hear some sound .

ah ok, this could be specific hardware related.
Look at this thread, find out what hardware you have and search the forum. There hhave been a bunch of black screen issues lately but it you are getting a start then it should be easy to narrow down.

Also the Arch wiki is a good source

And somewhere on Arch wiki I found some nice kernel parameters that may be helpful.

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Thanks anika200, I will do that. Let the sunshine in. :star_struck:

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Deepin was dropped from the 32-bit repos (not sure exactly why...). This would explain why it doesn't work after an update. :slight_smile:

@jonathon: I can readd the Deepin packages, however they need special attention to be build a lot. I don't know if you want to put in extra effort for it ?!?

Oh yeah, that would explain some things.

If it's a case of rebuilding the Manjaro Deepin packages, they'd be built as part of my normal package build sweeps.

(Basically I have a Bash script that iterates through the chosen repo sources and builds any package that has changed... it's a bit naive as it doesn't look at dependencies which isn't ideal, but it has worked OK so far.)

On the other hand, if it's only one person who wants Deepin on i686... :man_shrugging:

I've added now the Arch-32 Deepin packages. It depends if we have our overlay packages ready for it. Lets see what happens. If needed we may comment them out again ...


Cool. The Manjaro-specific packages are also built and in x32-unstable.

@041, if you switch to a text console (CTRL-ALT-F2), log in, switch to the unstable branch, then update, you should be running again:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 3 -b unstable
sudo pacman -Syyu

(Yes, it's meant to be unstable not x32-unstable in the command; pacman-mirrors automatically sets it according to architecture).

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Thanks guys, you are very fast. I installed packages, but I have got blinking cursor after rebooting and login.

So we don't have to guess/make assumptions (which are bad when trying to troubleshoot), can you be more specific as to when you're getting this blinking cursor?

e.g. are you able to boot to a graphical login prompt (not sure what the Deepin DM is), then able to log in as your user, but it's at that point you get the blinking cursor?

I don't know how many people are trying to run Deepin DE on i686 so you'll have to help debug this. :wink:

(I might try to replicate the steps tomorrow at work if nothing else comes up... but that's a rarity.)

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