After update touchpad stop working

After years using Manjaro I didn't have any problems at all, well, until yesterday. Just updating my Manjaro XFCE4 as usual and everything works fine, but, then after I shutdown my notebook and wake up in the morning, the touchpad stop working.

The package libinput 1.12.4 was working fine, after upgrading to 1.12.5 it mess up. Even downgrading the package is useless because doesn't work either and I don't know why.

I'm really a super newbie, never have to face anything like this because Manjaro is all great for my notebook and I use it for years.

I've tried different kernels, 4.14, 4.19 and 4.20, this last one break my system and I have to reinstall Manjaro (even try to boot for different kernels didn't work). I've tried change to driver "synapatic" but it didn't work too. I'm just tired to try to solve by my own and lost my morning for nothing.

I could solve my problem my downloading the lastest ISO and NOT upgrading. If anyone has the same problem or could solve, please share with me because I'm afraid to lost my time and need to reinstall again, because I need to use my notebook to day-to-day work and don't have this privilege to try different solutions until work.


P.s.: It is enable but doesn't work.



What you are saying seems to indicate either a malformed update
(one incompatible kernel shouldnt mess up your whole system)
Or that the issue lies in some other package besides libinput/synaptics

So, lets start with system info:
inxi -Fxxxz
Then maybe check modules:
lsmod | grep {libinput,synaptics}
Then maybe we can look at your most recent package changes:
less /var/log/pacman.log
{just look for the most recent changes]
And protip .. for large outputs consider using a service like pastebin.


Thank you very much! Indeed changing the BIOS touchpad basic to advanced solved the problem! I was really afraid to update my system again and have to deal with it, but after reading those topics I was able to give a try, and it works! Thanks!

Thank cscs too for the fast reply!

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Awesome, glad you got it working.

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