Airport express printer and Manjaro

I've got a printer connected to the USB port of Airport Express.

It's designated IP,, does answer to ping. But the printer service on port 9100 won't answer.

I then used Avahi Browser to investigate the issue, and discovered another IP in the range was being shown as the printer. But then, that address wouldn't even ping. Then I found a solution: I could enable an local-link ip in the same range with this command:

sudo avahi-autoipd --force-bind wlp0s0

The wlp0s0 is my wifi interface. Then, the local-link IP of the Airport not only pings but also works if the printer is set to socket://! Yay! :relaxed:

Problem is: I got that command stuck in a terminal. If I ^C it, the magic dispells and the printer no longer works. Even worse, I'd have to always open a terminal and enter password. So it's a kind of lame workaround.

Is there any way of making the effects of that command line permanent?

I'm running Manjaro KDE.

Wouldn't be easier to change the IP of the Airport Express to be on the same ?

You can make the settings from an iPhone too

Otherwise you can follow this to understand better how it works

Another resource

For your command, change it like this:
sudo avahi-autoipd --force-bind wlp0s0 &
and it might make things easier ...

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I agree there are probably better solutions than this 'workaround'


I will also point out that what you are trying to do could be done by calling the command in autostart (this could be a local file like one of the rc's, or by using your desktops 'autostart' utility). You could also write a script and call that. You could also create a systemd service. Or use udev. or. They all have advantages and disadvantages.


The IP on the Airport is And that's the IP my notebook (also in range) both sees and pings normally. The problem is that the Airport printer seems to be in a sort of internal, local-link range IP in that very same device. My computer can only see this IP if it's also in the link-local range. Changing the IP of the Airport to match wouldn't help.

I've already gone everything within the links you provided except for ONE thing, which might be a clue: the said Airport is extending an existing network! :thinking:

I'm also considering the startup strategies as well.

I've just changed the printer to the first Airport (the one configured as usual) and it still puts the printer in a weird local-link IP instead of the Airport IP that pings normally.

Every single tutorial I find online seems simple and straightforward.

I'm missing what I'm doing wrong. :frowning:

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