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Hi guys
I ran into a problem, I want install .deb or .tar.gz packages due various reasons. The problem is I cant convert the packages, I searched fo solution I didn't find manual for the archalien-git, I cant install the latest alien_package_converter and the debtab command even after installation doesn't work.

Could you please elaborate which package exactly it is? Otherwise helping you will prove difficult.

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I think better focus on what package, and what reason. Some AUR installs take .deb and .tar.gz sources and give installer scripts, some don't. There isn't a 'fix all' solution.

Oh, you ran into the Discord issue, eh? :laughing:

That would be actually my guess aswell.....
Well... just as a shot in the dark i will leave this here: @Oracle911
sudo pacman -U
This command will upgrade you to to the testing version which is the new version as of right now. Manual updates like these between branches are possible, but not recommended. Though this one will work. :wink:

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It is a net.downloadhelper.coapp.deb package
Regarding the discord app I moved to the snap version.
Bottom line here and there i will need to use this solution so...

why not use aur package ? vdhcoapp(-bin)

vdhcoapp : use source (tar.gz)
vdhcoapp-bin: use deb


good question
Main reason is simple: a browser extension needs it.

You mean dwhelper needs it. I installed it from AUR, no need to make it any way harder. The additional plus is, Pamac is able to show you AUR updates so it's easy to update AUR packages along with the system ones.
If you install manually, you will have to update it manually all the time. This is pointless if AUR app works and my experience tells me that it works all right.

In 99% cases where someone wants to install anything manually, it can be installed by other means (repo, AUR, snap, flatpack, appimage) that will work better in the end.

why no double click exe? :crazy_face:

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RTFM dude.

It is working

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