All Games Crashing on Manjaro OS, Steam and non-Steam games alike.

New to Manjaro, but I have been having this weird issue where any game I run freezes up the OS and causes me to force power off. The game I will use in this context is Terraria. I have everything updated to the most current version, I have steam installed and am running the native linux version installed via steam. The kernel I am using is Linux57. I tried on the most current LTS kernel as well which is 5.4.44 to no avail. 5.4.44 is also the kernel I used when installing the other drivers. There are only 3 drivers that show in hardware configuration. video-linux, video-modesetting, and video-vesa. After changing my drivers through hardware configuration on that kernel it completely stopped my OS from booting, after reinstalling the OS and the game the issue is still happening. Everything else on the system runs absolutely fine, just no video games will run. I looked around in here but the most I could find about this issue is that Nvidia drivers will cause this but I am using intel integrated graphics and did not install any nvidia drivers from their site. Before I try changing drivers again on Linux57, I wanted to seek some help here because it seized my OS last time. Please help, Linux Gurus!

My laptop is an Asus Vivobook L203MA
Intel Celeron N4000
4GB Ram

You have swap installed? type in the terminal

free -h

and see if you have swap and how much.

3.7Gi 1.3Gi 786Mi 275Mi 1.6Gi 1.9Gi
Swap: 0B 0B 0B

This is what I got. Sorry if the format isn't the best this is my first time here.

Don't worry about the format.

Thats the problem,the freeze is because the game consume all your ram,so you have no swap at all (0B) so the OS doesn't know what to do,you need to create a swapfile

Follow this instructions here

Practically is just copy and paste in a terminal,you only need to specify how much swap do you want,start with 4GB like in the example and then try again the game and see if it freeze again or not.

That worked! Thank you very much. I am going to bookmark that one. I really appreciate it! I love Manjaro and other forms were telling me to switch OSes and I came here after I was at my wits end. You're a wonderful person, RaTiX!

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