Alt Left/Right not working

I am using Manjaro Deepin stable and have a problem with some shortcuts:
in Eclipse Alt-Left/Alt-Right are not working as expected (Navigate to the previous/next point in code).
Alt-Up/Down instead are working right (so it's not a matter of Alt not recognized).
I already checked in Control Center, Shortcuts, just to see if they are mapped to other functions, but there is not any of them mapped.
I already checked also all the gsettings, but didn't find any hint.
Where this mapping may be located and fixed?
Thank you very much in advance

Manjaro, Deepin and stable is three words which do not belong together.

Deepin is in a state of unstable at Manjaro and the project itself is hibernating - waiting for Deepin packages to stabilize.

Just search the forum for the *deepin keyword.

Hi linux-aarhus,
I am using this distro
for several months now on a daily basis and it's working beautifully.
Before I have used many other distros, mainly based on RPM (CentOS, Fedora) and DEB (many flavours of Ubuntu, Mint). Then discovered Arch+Deepin DE: tried it with Archman, ArcoLinux and now Manjaro.
Deepin is by far the best DE I've ever used.
Anyway, back to my question: I was just asking if someone knows where Alt-Left is mapped.

This is depending on the application in use at the time of invoking the hotkey.

In a web browser the key is usually mapped to back ← and forward → with relation to the browser history for the current tab.

right. In this case I am using Eclipse, which has behavior similar to the browser (Alt-left navigates back in history).
Here the problem is that while Alt-Up/Down are working correctly in Eclipse, Alt-Left/Right are not.
Just as if they are reserved from the system for other actions, but as I specified in the initial post, I already searched where they could be (wrongly) mapped, so to delete those mapping and avoid the conflict (assuming there are conflicts).
Thank you

I cannot say I know what is bugging here - but if I compare to Openbox window manager - the key presses are captured at a lower level - or higher if you prefer.

I don't know how - but I do know that Deepin uses a window manager of their own.

With Openbox the window manager key presses are captured before application key presses - which makes the window manager defines override any application defined key presses. Depending of the coding of the actual window manager it may let these key presses pass - if defined at another level - ignore them - or use them for own purpose. But as I have no knowledge of how Deepin implements their window manager it is impossible to predict the outcome.

From other tests I can say that:

  • Alt-Left/Right is working as expected in Firefox and Eclipse on other DEs (KDE, Mate, Openbox), while is not working on Deepin and Xfce

  • it seems not related to Deepin since other distros (e.g. ArcolinuxB) with Deepin are working ok

So it seems related to Manjaro + Deepin.
Anyone knows where to find if Alt-Left/Right in Manjaro+Deepin are reserved to some particular application action (I already checked in Control Center, Keyboard and Language, Shortcuts, but this shortcut is not present there)?

announcement from Oct 2019 - Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

search on Arcolinux forum found this response - [SOLVED] Alt-left/right not working as in other DEs

announcement from Oct 2019 - Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

Yes, it does make sense to wait for next steps for Manjaro+Deepin. I was just trying to find some way in the meantime.

search on Arcolinux forum found this response - [SOLVED] Alt-left/right not working as in other DEs

That's my post during tests with Arcolinux: there the keybinding conflict is due to the fact that the Variety application reserves Alt-Left/Right for other actions. There I can find (and change) this keybinding in Deepin Control Center; with Arcolinux this solves the problem, but with Manjaro I cannot see any application reserving Alt-Left/Right for some action.

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