Alternative to TLP

I disabled tlp because I was having some issues.
Can you suggest any alternatives?

Its probably best to tweak TLP configs.
But laptop-mode-tools is the (arguably 'worse') alternative.
Or you can use a combination of things like powertop and cpu thresholds etc.

NOTE: powertop is a powerful tool. It IS NOT SUGGESTED that you simply run it and accept all suggestions. That would likely drastically change your computing experience.

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did you ever play with the relevant tlp settings like i suggested?

TLP works fine, i had you disable it as a means to diagnose the cause of the problems you were having. its not TLP that was the problem as much as it was a setting in TLP config or lack there of a setting that was needed. in your case, blacklisting nouveau in tlp also.
but IIRC optimus-manager relies on nouveau to disable the nvidia card when you set the session to intel only. i believe there is a way to change switching modes from nouveau to bbswitch (i beleive its explained either on the optimus-manager tutorial here on the forum or the optimus-manager github)

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use tlpui to adjust its setting to your choice
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There is also tuned used on Fedora/Red Hat systems. It has tuned-gui graphical app. You may install it from AUR (non-git version is broken don't use it).

yeah im trying out powertop deleted tlp
and using powertop with auto-tune
well dont know about other but mouse wont respond unless i click.
will see how it works out.

well i just turned off autosuspend of mouse and keyboard.

I wonder if there is any page which compares acpid, laptop mode tools, powertop and systemd power management..

That sounds like an interesting thing for you to research.

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