AMD Ryzen 5 3400G + Gigabyte X570 does it works?

I'm building a New PC based on mini itx Mobo coming with 16GB of Ram, The new AMD Ryzen 5 and gigabyte mobi X570. Coming from Ubuntu world and would like to have a new experience with Manjaro. Even if after my research it looks like there lot of support for many software for Ubuntu than others. I'm still stick to try out Manjaro 19.0.2 that comes with the latest software and Linux kernel. Should I worry that it's not going to be installed using an USB stick?

Thanks in advance

My machine has Ryzen 2400g on B450. Run perfectly with no issue. So there is no reason that yours cannot.

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i have same cpu
but gigabyte ab350m gaming3 mobo

and for me i need linux-amd-raven kernel
for smooth experience without tearing.

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Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me what's your Linux kernel version?

Do you think last Linux kernel version have better AMD Ryzen 3 support?

well depends on the cpu + mobo combo
as experience differs for every combination.

but the latest kernel have many improvrments
as they dont freeze directly

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I'm running Kernel 5.4.28-1 LTS. However, I believe whatever kernel you use, your machine will take it just great!

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Thanks for the motivation. Let's all Linux fans move forward.


Should I worry that it's not going to be installed using an USB stick?

Not sure what you mean by that but installing from optical media works fine too.

I like SFF computers but we rarely get asked to build them.

My current gaming machine is also the polar opposite, it's in a Fractal R6 Define (non windowed) which is a full tower with mount points for anything from ITX to ETX. Not sure why you'd put an ITX in a case that size but they included mount points for it on the tray.

I own a business that normally builds to order high end bespoke workstations or gaming PCs that require a full tower case to fit everything in and enough cooling to keep them stable. Servers and anything else 'standard' are ordered off the shelf from Dell, Lenovo (include Fujitsu in that as they are part of Lenovo these days), or HP. We don't have the capacity to build and support everything, plus it is cheaper for clients for us to do it that way when we are supplying an entire new network or large scale equipment upgrade.

Years ago I won a Shuttle ST20G5 barebones from a computer magazine and a copy of Office 2003 Pro. That was a nice quiet little machine that fit on the monitor shelf I had once I'd bought the necessary components to make it a working system. The ICE cooling was reported by some reviewers to be very noisy, they had it configured wrong because it was whisper quiet.

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