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Will not be on an android phone for much longer but would like to still play some games from android. Any good suggestions for emulators? Looking for something that is FOSS, fast and not too fussy. Tried anbox and it wouldn't work and am not sure about android x86.

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I haven't tried it myself but I have heard that Anbox is quite good. It installs as a snap and since Manjaro supports snaps, I beleive you can give it a try.

Tried anbox. So broken. Got the snap with all dependencies and installed anbox-modules-dkms and ran sudo modprobe binder_linux + sudo modprobe ashmem_linux and get:

modprobe: FATAL: Module binder_linux not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.40-1-MANJARO

modprobe: FATAL: Module ashmem_linux not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.40-1-MANJARO

Went to and it didn't help.

It's also avaliable on the AUR.

Details on how to install it are here:

Anbox works just fine but it's not an emulator, it's more of a container so to say so if you are running manjaro on an ARM architecture you should have no problem running android games at all. If you however use intel or amd you have a bit of a problem. You see, google has decided that apps on the playestore only should support arm. They have therefor asked (probably pushed/threatened with takedown) developers to not include support for x86 in apks uploaded to playstore. Therefor you will have a hard time finding apks that you can run in anbox.

There is however a possibility, you could maybe use binfmt_misc and qemu-arm to emulate an ARM architecture/library for anbox. I'm currently trying to do this myself so I can play azurlane on my thinkpad, I'll post if I come to some conclusion.

■■■■■■■ google.

Speaking of Google, isn't there an android emulator that you can download on Chrome via extensions?

I forgot the name of it, I'll try searching for it, I'll edit this post if I do find the name of it.

Edit: it's called ARChon.

yuck. Chrome. Chrome extensions can be very malicous so seems like a bad idea unless it is completely open source and has been thoroughly checked. Maybe I could get on chromium though I would prefer firefox.
doesn't seem too good.

If all else fails, you could try Android Studio. There's an android emulator there, but idk if you can play games on that thing, since its main purpose is for development.

Well no because performance but also..

You could try genymotion, appearently they have an ARM translation that you could drag and drop into the device you emulate and then run arm apk on x86:

It could be possible to use their translation in anbox but I have no idea if it's compatible, probably not

EDIT: running anbox using qemu is probably the best option, this gives a pretty good explaination on how to use qemu, just hard to figure out how to do it for anbox:

But what about game updates? Can't keep dealing with that + game I want to play doesn't allow you to play if you do not update.

Maybe I am just stupid but I understood very little of that article.
edit: Also, that software may be a bit annoying (from the article) carrying a custom license (arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc)

I must be a bit stupid aswell because I dont understand it neither and I've read the article multiple times. I tried anbox and it works for outdated versions of azurlane which has x86 support, the newer versions needed to play the game can only be played on ARM


use this guide to install anbox: Running Android applications on Arch using anbox

then to get ARM support so you can play updated games run the following command:

pacaur -S anbox-image-houdini

You can now make a random google account and download and install apps from the playstore, however if you don't want to use the playstore you can download apps from apkpure or some other site and then install it using adb

if the app comes as an .xapk you will have to rename it to .zip

unzip the archive using unzip:

$ cd ~/Downloads/
$ unzip

you will now have an a new directory called Android and three new files:

$ ls
 Android  'Azur'   com.YoStarEN.AzurLane.apk   icon.png   manifest.json

to install the app you will have to open anbox using the following command:

anbox launch --package=org.anbox.appmgr --component=org.anbox.appmgr.AppViewActivity

then you will have to install the apk using adb (adb install path_to_apk):

$ adb install com.YoStarEN.AzurLane.apk
Performing Streamed Install

Now we need to copy the data that the app needs to run, the archive contained a folder which has an .OBB file in it. This file needs to be transferred over to the same folder in the emulated device.

In this case the file is in the current directory with the current name:


now we will run adb push and put the file in the anbox so the app can run:

adb push ~/Downloads/Android/obb/com.YoStarEN.AzurLane/ /sdcard/Android/obb/com.YoStarEN.AzurLane/

this will transfer the OBB file onto your device

done!, you can now (hopefully) run the app!!!

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