Another issue with lvm-luks, the kernel-bootsplash is buggy.


looks like lvm-luks is an issue-source;). When i install the kernel bootsplash-systemd and a theme then i have a strange issue. Grub starts and the bootsplash appears like an non-luks-full-encrypted-calamari-installation but i miss the key-input and i must press alt+f1. The i can input my key and manjaro starts normally.

Is the kernel bootsplash capable to boot within an lvm-luks installation? Or ist this an user-issue?

Manjaro 20.0.3 Architect
LVM-Luks with /root and swap
/boot unencrypted



I guess this topic is more for this category:

That a not a newbie question :slight_smile:

Cant help neither. sorry :wink:

There's the service called bootsplash-ask-password-console.service you can enable. Which should give you a text prompt to enter a password.

Yes i receive the text prompt but i must press alt+f1 to receive the text-prompt. System is usable but the alt+f1 move destroy the complete bootsplash for booting and shutdown. Or do you mean that this service resolve the problem with alt+f1?

I have made the mistake to read articles about the lifetime of my ssd with Luks-Encryption and now i try the ecryptfs-alternative fscrypt. But i reinstall my other laptop from non-LVM-Luks to LVM-Luks and show the status of the Service.

When your tip resolve the LVM-Luks/bootsplash problem i be happy :wink: .


I dont know, because I don't use encryption. But it might. :slight_smile:

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